Rework of Leadless Devices Course




The popularity of leadless devices such as QFNs, LGAs and LCC has grown tremendously over the last few years. Due to excellent heat dissipation, overall end device sizes have shrunk (particularly in the handheld device area). Unfortunately, the cost of rework per component has increased substantially for these device types as their very small size have made rework difficult. For those companies that want to have the capability of reworking small, lead free or tin-lead leadless devices, BEST offers the Leadless Device Rework Certification.

The leadless device rework course is comprehensive and employs the skills necessary to perform rework of electronic printed circuit boards that include QFN, LGA, LCC and other leadless device package types. During the course, the student will be introduced to component identification, terms and definitions, re-bumping techniques, pasting, placing and reflowing, and hands-on soldering/desoldering techniques utilizing state-of-the-art workstations. This course is structured to be in accordance with IPC-A-610, IPC-7711 and IPC-7721.


This class utilizes the following equipment for Leadless Device Rework and Inspection:
  • SRT Summit 1500 Hot Gas Rework Machine
  • X-ray Inspection Station
  • Endoscope
  • Leadless Component Identification
  • Rebumping Technique using StencilMate™
  • Desoldering Techniques
  • Site Prep
  • Component Placement
  • Reflowing
  • Hands-on Removal and Replacement
  • Inspection using x-ray

This is a 1-day, primarily hands-on course It is a more advanced skills course, designed to teach selected content to intermediate level soldering techs. Students will demonstrate soldering skills.

Materials Provided
  • BEST certificate of completion
  • Introduction/Course Overview
  • Introduction to Leadless Devices
  • Different Methods for Rework
  • Hardware Overview
  • Safety Lecture
  • Operator Training
  • Main director functions
  • Running the operator training profile
  • Inspection-X-RAY, Endoscope and Visual
  • De-soldering
  • Site Prep and Cleaning
  • Solder Paste Application
  • LGA/QFN Leadless Device Removal, Site Prep and Replacement