Electronics Sorting

Do you need a sorting company who can follow your process steps in sorting parts that have not met your specifications or have suspect product problems and they need to be sorted? Do you need a trustworthy source who understands electronics, logistics and the need for speed to solve a manufacturing supply chain problem? Do you want someone who knows electronics and electronics manufacturing to act as a trained 3rd party resource to perform electronics sorting or QC?

BEST Inc. is an ISO registered company who understands quality standards as well as the IPC electronic assembly standards. We have staff trained to the latest IPC-610 inspection criteria standards, the latest J-STD-001 assembly standards and the most recent wire harness inspection standards in the IPC-A-620. Since we are also a teaching facility, we understand the latest PCB rework standards of the IPC 7711/21 and the board standards of the IPC-A-600 and IPC-6012. BEST Inc. can be your knowledgeable resource for electronic x-ray sorting.

Not only do we have electronics-related capabilities, but we can provide fixturing, milling, drilling, physical measuring and housing characteristic measuring services. BEST can provide NDT x-ray sorting and inspection services for large projects.

Electronic Sorting Process

At BEST Inc. we can provide logistics resources besides being a knowledgeable resource for electronics sorting services. BEST Inc. can arrange for the transport of the material, as well as unpacking and repacking. If you need data generated pre- and post-rework including counting, testing results and serial number tracking we can be that resource. Finally, overpacking, serial number matching and transport to the end destination can be arranged by BEST Inc.M/p>

Not only do we understand the latest industry standards, but we know PCB and electronics rework and the speed of response required. We have been managing projects from lot sizes of 1 to several hundred thousand to assist industrial, automotive and electronics companies get through the electronics sorting process including PCB rework and repair. We have been successfully doing this as a service for 20+ years!

The main services BEST Inc. can provide in these electronic sorting projects include but are certainly not limited to the following:

  • Quality inspection and sorting of raw rigid circuit boards
  • Quality inspection and sorting of finished assemblies per inspection standards or testing sequence
  • Unpacking of electronic assemblies and sub-assemblies
  • Report generating via a remote login including photos and video of the problem noted
  • Reporting of measurements related to electronic attributes or mechanical dimensions
  • Repacking in original or new cartons including overpacking and tracking by serial number of device performance
  • Documenting data generated during the inspection process including photos, data and video
  • Inspection reporting by IPC-certified inspectors for electronic assemblies and wire harnesses
BEST Inc., can be a knowledgeable reverse logistics and electronics sorting arm for your company. We can manage your project to make sure that your electronics-based industrial, medical, communication, computer or other products get sorted if they are about to enter or have already entered the supply chain. We have also assisted customers with the sorting of rubber parts, wire harnesses, machined parts and sub-assemblies setting up processes and procedures or following strict manufacturer guidelines.

Let BEST Inc. be your electronics sorting resource.