Plated Througholes Repair

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Plated Througholes Repair Services

Through-holes or vias are damaged in either handling of the boards or through the improper removal of a through-hole device. BEST technicians offer Plated Througholes Repair Services in Rolling Meadows, who can help you repair those plated throughholes or vias.

Eyelets are used by BEST technicians to repair these plated through-hole connections in order to repair PCB damage. After preparing the surface, we will install a new eyelet and mechanically swage and if required solder it into place. Plated through-holes which are damaged on multi-layer boards can also be repaired to look "as good as new".

Damaged Throughhole Before Repair Damaged Throughhole Before Repair Plated Through hole after Repair Plated Through hole after Repair
Damaged Via Before Repairs Damaged Via Before Repairs Via After Repair Via After Repair

BEST Inc. can provide any one of the following for throughole PCB repairs:

1. Provide the training for you to perform your own plated hole or via repairs

2. Provide materials for performing your own plated hole or via repairs including instructions and instructional videos

3. Provide a via or plated hole PCB repair service

The plated hole repair process starts by inspecting the area for damage and determing what if any inner layers are connected to the via or plated hole. Based on BEST experience we will then correspond with the customer on the severity of the damage, providing a cost estimate for the repair.

Inspecting the Area Of Plated Holes

Using calipers and the nearest available eyelet size the proper eyelt is chosen. The plated hole is then drilled out to make room for the new eyelet or a new eyelet may be press fit (depending on the diameter of the component lead going into the hole) into the plated hole.

A swaging tool is then sued to affix the eyelet to the PCB.

Affixing of the eyelet to the PCB

The area is inspected and any electrical or functional testing is then performed.

Plated Throughole After Affixing