Other Services

The soldering geeks from BEST perform a variety of “other” services for clients. These  services are not categorized and are typically the result of clients asking for these services that are within our technical expertise. With the changes in the J-STD-001 in terms of the gold mitigation standards, the need for lead tinning takes on renewed importance. As an offshoot to BEST’s training services offering which may include a tour or custom rework or assembly process development BEST’s troubleshooting of various SMT processes business has sprung forth.
If you are need of a “second set of eyes” on a process problem, BEST engineers may be able to help you diagnose and troubleshoot the problem. Projects such as excessive bow and twist, head in pillow intermittent opens and cracked solder joints in the test area are all problems that BEST has solved in such process troubleshooting assignments. Whether we travel to your facility or you send us boards and we can agree on a scope of work by working in our facility, BEST process engineers can point you in the right direction, suggesting process, material or equipment changes.
Lead tinning answers several market requirements. One of the most consistent is that of lacking wettability of a given part which may have sat in stores for an extended period of time. In addition lead tinning can be appropriate in cases where the alloy needs to be changed out, non RoHS parts need to be re-tinned with another alloy in order to make the assemblies RoHS compliant or if the assembly has components on it requiring the gold to be “washed” off on the component leads to mitigate the effects of gold embrittlement.