Device Rework

BEST now only performs rework at the board level, but also at the device level. Reballing of area array devices whether they be plastic-, metal- or ceramic-bodied components can be competed in lot sizes from one piece to tens of thousands. BEST offers a variety of optional services to go along with reballing including but not limited to special marking (including laser marking), places the components back on to tape and reel, specialty cleaning and a variety of QA measurement for each reballed component.

BEST robotic hot solder dip services allow for a new alloy to be deposited on to the leads of parts. If you have a solderability problem on older components or need a new alloy on the component lead or even need to meet the newer requirements of the J-STD-001 in terms of the gold mitigation BEST can be your source for the retainning of components. We have the ability to turn parts around quickly and to a high-quality level.