Board Level Repair

BEST can perform a vast array of PCB repair services. Repair is a term, when referred to in the context of the IPC standards, is the repair of any physical damage done to the board, whether it be flex, rigid flex both for populated as well as unpopulated boards.

Our PCB repair services is performed by our top notch group of PCB artisans who have been performing PCB repair services for many years. Their delicate hand can add new test pads that were forgotten in the board layout, repair mask that was damaged when the BGA was removed from the board or when a barrel was ripped out of a board while removing a component. The repairs are aesthetically pleasing and meet the form , fit and function of the original boards.

In the case of PCB ECO services production boards have a design or manufacturing problem that is manifested over many boards and there is no time to “respin” the board in order to fix the mistake.In this case traces may be cut, new conductors or pads may be added such that the board can be assembled more rapidly and or more economically than a board can be designed.

Whether it is a single device or tens of thousands BEST has the process for your reballing needs and requirements. We can provide a variety of different solder alloys even beyond the typical SAC and SnPb configurations.