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LGA Rework LGA Rework

LGA rework can save you weeks of delays and a correspondingly large amount of money. A well-executed rework will let you meet your customer's deadlines when it looks like a delay is inevitable. BEST has done just that for countless customers ranging from large corporations to small shops -- many with complex documentation requirements needed for assurance in reliability-critical industries.

Why Have BEST do Your LGA Rework?

Consistent, repeatable, and above all reliable LGA rework calls for advanced soldering processes and highly skilled technicians. LGA rework often requires custom designed apertures and stencils, repair of board solder masking, and often even the bonding of new pads to the PCB. Once the rework is complete, endoscopic and X-ray inspection of the board assures the integrity and reliability of the rework. Our expertise and care in harvesting LGAs from circuit boards when components are not readily available is a service that companies rely on BEST to perform.

BEST has in-depth experience developing solutions for reliably reworking LGAs and other leadless devices. BEST's engineers were even instrumental in suggesting several of new IPC procedures for reworking these types of devices.

BEST's In-House Tools Make Rework More Consistent

Correctly printing solder paste onto PCB land areas is key to successfully reworking LGA components. Our engineers understand how to design stencils and apertures for reworking LGA components -- even when the board contains large ground planes.

Among other techniques, BEST has developed a unique one-time flexible adhesive backed stencil that greatly simplifies component rework. Called StikNPeel this stencil eliminates smearing between the apertures of the stencil -- so common with metal stencils.

StikNPeel improves first pass yields by allowing the rework technician to perform multiple passes of solder paste application, so solder paste volume on each pad is always consistent. Devices being right up against the component area that's being reworked present no problem, as the edges of the stencil can be flipped up to allow for their height. Lastly, the StikNPeel stencil saves rework time by eliminating the need to clean the stencil between prints.

High End Equipment Maximizes Results

Severalhigh end rework systems are used to ensure maximum consistency and reliability of BEST's LGA rework. All component placement and rework is performed by IPC certified technicians who have been specially trained in the rework of leadless devices. They inspect each job using the most advanced quality control equipment in the business, including endoscopes and X-ray equipment.
If you ask BEST to handle your rework job, we will include an accompanying CD of the X-ray inspection images when we deliver the work. BEST is also equipped to analyze:
• Inter-metallic Junctions
• Joint Metallurgy
• Solder Joint Chemistry

All performed in our advanced in-house analytic laboratory.

The BEST Rework Technicians In the Business

BEST technicians are experts at overcoming challenges that may arise during rework. If solder mask is damaged or requires a repair, they have established procedures for executing a repair.

If an LGA pad is damaged or missing, BEST's technicians replace them using an IPC recommended pad replacement procedure in which specially designed replacement pads are bonded to the board surface using a two part epoxy.

LGA Rework Services We Offer

BEST's services portfolio includes:
• Leadless Component Removal
• Site Preparation
LGA Component Salvaging
• Replacement of Components
• Optical and X-ray Verification
• Changes to Circuit Design
Repairs of Pads,Traces, and Masks

BEST's in house soldering instructors are also available to offer expert LGA, QFN, and MLF rework skills development and certification classes, as well as industry leading technical support.