PCB Rework Services

When you need to have:

  • A complex board reworked or
  • Have a physical repair such as the replacement of a pad or trace or laminate or
  • Have a very complex rework or PCB repair process which needs developing or
  • a very expensive, one-of-a-kind PCB reworked or are in need of
  • a high volume PCB repair or SMT rework which needs to be acted on.

then BEST is your source for PCB rework and repair needs.


PCB Rework
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SMT Rework Services
PCB Repair services

Consider the reasons to use BEST SMT PCB Rework Services in Rolling Meadows:


For nearly 20 years we’ve dedicated ourselves to PCB repair and SMT rework services. We have the best tools in the industry including an onsite capability for reballing devices cutting our own proprietary BGA Reballing performs, miniature stencils, a laser for precision removal of solder mask, a programmable solder excavation tool as well as a high-end x-ray capability being able to resolve 1micron features. We also have a highly skilled and certified staff able to work on your printed circuit board rework projects. Each of our associates has at least 10 years of experience in SMT rework as well as having the right IPC credentials.


Our technicians are experts in SMT rework and have many years of proven experience and carry a variety of certifications. The complexity and sophistication of modern circuit board assemblies require highly skilled and experienced technicians to work on them. Their printed circuit board SMT rework skills have been sharpened through years of hands-on experience. We use time-tested IPC recommended procedures, some of which we helped to develop including the latest ones on BGA reballing, solder mask repair and QFN rework to name a few.


We know the importance of meeting deadlines for printed circuit board SMT rework projects. We do everything we can to meet your schedules including partial shipments to keep up with your test or final assembly pacing.


Why perform the PCB rework yourself when you know that it is not a 100% yielding process? Let us assume that liability. You will know in advance how much you will save by sending us your circuit boards for a quality PCB rework. For ultra-high volume projects, we can usually engineer a cost-effective SMT rework solution with advanced technologies.


Our SMT rework service work is guaranteed. If you’re not completely satisfied, we’ll provide a complete refund.