BGA Reballing Services

Rework / Repair Services

The Reballing of a BGA returns BGAs to their original specifications and/or change the alloy of your BGAs. BEST has the capabilities to handle most of today's BGA package sizes and ball counts when it comes to solder reballing services. We utilize a highly reliable, repeatable, industry-wide proven solder reballing process in compliance with IPC and JEDEC specs.

In addition, BEST has the capacity and flexibility to deal with both small and large production volumes – according to your specific requirements. Our extensive experience with device testing and specification review/writing gives our engineers the expertise to consult with you on solder reballing BGA process and/or process specification.

Our tight quality control standards and experience in dealing with all kinds of BGAs-from very large, high IO count military grade hardware costing thousands down to the 6 mil 0.4mm pitch newest devices. We have rigid MSD controls in place that help assure you that your device is being treated with greatest of care during the solder Reballing BGA process at BEST Inc. We manage or EOS/ESD program based on the industry accepted EOS/ESD 2020 guidelines. With these processes in place rest assured that you the BGA Reballing services we perform for you are to the highest standards.

We can review your solder Reballing BGA and other associated processing requirements, including Cleanliness Testing MSD Handling Profile and/or Acceptance Criteria Development We, are also able to review your testing requirements for cleanliness and ball shear of acoustic microscopy testing. We also have the capability to measure ball standoff heights from either the preform or the reballed device. If you need to have the components marked after solder or put bck on to tape and reel we can provide the turnkey solution. Recently, a large medical device OEM came to BEST for guidance and advice on a BGA Reballing process specification. The component manufacturer had discontinued the device in a given alloy. We consulted the OEM industry solder BGA reballing requirements and inspection standards (there are no formal ones). The OEM processed several lots comparing the reliability testing of both reballed and original devices in order to verify and qualify the process.

This manufacturer had never been involved in Reballing came to us looking for guidance. We were able to work with them and guide them through BGA reballing process definition, qualification for manufacturing, and assist with developing a repeatable process for their critical application

The bottom line is this, even if you don't know the first thing about BGA solder reballing, BEST can help! Our experts can assist you the same way we assisted our medical device OEM client – developing a solution that saves you time and money and meets your specifications.