Corner and Edge Repair

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Rework/Repair Services

Corners and edges are often damaged by poor handling procedures. When the base laminate delaminates, blisters, measles, or is routed improperly. BEST technicians can repair these defects. When this happens to critical prototype, development or high value boards such as servers BEST repair technicians can make repair that laminate so that it is returned to "as new" condition.

Whether it is a minor or major repair, BEST technicians use a high strength, thermoset epoxy, along with the skill set to make sharp corners after rebuilding or consistent edges to bring the laminate surface back into specification.

BEST technicians use a variety of different IPC repair techniques along with the "tricks of the trade" they have learned over many years in order to accomplish high quality repairs. Only a trained eye could discern that a repair had been performed.

PCB edge damage before... PCB edge damage before...   PCB edge damage after repair PCB edge damage after repair