gold contact plating kit

Gold Contact Plating Kit


If you have solder contaminated contacts or contacts that don't meet the minimum thickness specification or damaged gold edge contacts then this is the PCB repair kit for you. The kit includes all of the materials you will need to repair damaged gold contacts: a DC power supply and all the tools and materials needed for gold edge contact plating.

The BEST gold contact plating kit includes everything needed for fine select pen plating and brush plating 24K gold onto electronic contact surfaces. The gold solution included will, after repair, produce a cobalt hardened, 24K – Type 1&2, grade C gold deposit. This is the gold we use for electronic and technical applications where durability, conductivity and solderability is important.

We will give you all of the tools, including “how to” instructional videos, so that you can repair your own gold fingers. Our professional master instructors can teach the repair methods either at BEST Inc or at your facility on how to perform this repair.

The BEST gold contact plating kit includes: 
  • Variable power supply from 3 - 9 Volts
  • Absorbent pen for cleaning of metal surfaces
  • 24K gold plating pen for replating of gold contacts
  • Nickel pen for plating over copper prior to gold metallization
  • Cerium oxide 2.5oz vile for polishing
  • Roll of tape for confirming plating adhesion
Why BEST Gold Repair Kits? 
Best, most complete set of tools

With BEST you get the most complete set of tools along with your kit. We have been performing this service for others for many years over thousands of boards so we know what you will need!

Best, most complete set of instruction

With BEST you can either use our FREE online videos to learn how to do the process or you can hire one of our master instructors to show you right by your side as to what needs to be done.

BEST Inc. PCB repair artisans have been involved in board level repairs for a combined 60 plus years. In addition, several BEST Inc staff members have been teaching and contributing to the procedures found in the IPC "7721 Repair and Modification of Printed Boards and Assemblies".

This combined real-life experience is captured through a series of "how to" slides which will guide you through the actual repair procedures. These instructions provide advanced repair technicians some "tricks of the trade" which are key when performing PCB repairs.

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