PCB Circuit Board Repair

Circuit Board Repair

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PCB repair refers to the bringing the physical damage which has been done to a PCB-namely pad or trace lifting, laminate repair, eyelet replacement to name a few-back to a point to where the printed circuit board can function based on the original design requirements. Printed circuit board repair skills and processes require lots of patience and a high degree of hand-eye coordination. It is more like glass blowing, that is more art than science. Many times, PCB repair needs to be performed when adverse conditions have been experienced by the electronics assembly such as being dropped, or a hand tool was dropped on the PCB. In addition, there are times when pad or trace repair modifications, as part of the printed circuit board repair process, need to be accomplished on PCBs during the prototyping phase in order to bring a board “up”.

Quality PCB Repair and BGA Rework Quality PCB Repair and BGA Rework BESTS’s PCB repair services allow you to tap into expertise in PCB repair services without having to train, hire and maintain the equipment and staff for when your operation requires this service. Our PCB repair equipment along with our IPC certified operators ensure the PCB repair work done on your PCBs will be done quickly, correctly and reliably. 100% guaranteed. BEST has performed printed circuit board repair services for projects ranging from 1 board to 175,000 boards and guarantees that 100% of your boards will be returned to you without damage. We have saved our customers millions of dollars by assisting them with the PCB repair process and providing fast, reliable service. Compare your fully burdened overhead rate of rework/repair to our per board price - you'll be surprised.

Examples of PCB Repair Services Performed

SMT Pad Repair

Gold Finger Repair and Replating

Populated PCB Repair

Microminiature BGA Pad Repair


Our PCB repair staff has been trained and certified to the industry PCB repair standards-the IPC 7721. In addition, they receive ongoing training from military-trained instructors. The military 3M, where these instructors have been trained is world renowned and the nature of the military requirements is such that these standards are the most tightly controlled. We are confident in our staff and their ability to manage your most demanding PCB repair projects.

Unique Processes

BEST is an innovator in all things PCB repair. Our toolset along with our knowledgeable staff make us uniquely qualified to develop innovative repair techniques. Sample innovations of our techniques include but are not limited to the method for repairing pads with integral vias, high-speed machining of populated PCBs when something does not fit or tooling holes need to be added to a flex cable or when a buried layer need to be reconnected to another point on a PCB.

Unique Equipment for PCB Repair Services

BEST has the greatest variety of equipment for PCB repair. We have several lasers which can cut, ablade, scribe or perform selective solder mask removal on printed circuit boards. In addition, there are numerous high-speed drilling and machining capabilities on site which will allow us to perform specialty printed circuit repairs. We even have a precision micro-ablation set up in order to remove different kinds of coatings prior to performing a printed circuit board repair. All of this adds up to the BEST capability of printed circuit board repair services-no matter what problem you throw at us.


BEST knows that you need someone to trust with your printed circuit boards requiring PCB repair. We are ISO registered and have been audited by some of the largest firms which demand nothing but the best-GE, Caterpillar, Motorola, Samsung, Northrop Grumman and Flextronics to name a few. All of our repairs are performed by IPC 7721 certified technicians with 10+ years of PCB repair experience. Not only with the technicians who perform the printed circuit repairs inspect their workmanship but our QC department inspect all of their workmanship as a secondary check –whether it is a single piece or thousands of the same printed circuit board repair.

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