PCB Repair Material's

PCB Repair Materials
Various eyelets, circuit frames and other materials are available from BEST


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Part Number Description
Resin Harner for PCB Rep Kit 2gm Resin/Hardener, 2gms with divider
PopSickle Stick Wood-10 Popsicle sticks for clamping down for PCB repairs, 10 count [RESTOCKING]
Orange Stick Wood-10 Orange sticks for mixing, 10 count [RESTOCKING]
Swage Tool Base Swaging tool for through hole repairs-base
Swage Tool Fixture Swaging tool for through hole repairs-fixture
Eylt021030078-100 Eyelet .021" ID, .030" OD, .078" LUF 100 pcs
Eylt034046093-100 Eyelet .034" ID, .046" OD, .093" LUF 100 pcs
Eylt058068102-100 Eyelet .058" ID, .068" OD, .102" LUF 100 pcs
Eylt026040093-100 Eyelet .026" ID, .040" OD, .093" LUF 100 pcs
Eylt064076091-100 Eyelet .064" ID, .076" OD, .091" LUF 100 pcs
Eylt048059093-100 Eyelet .048" ID, .059" OD, .093" LUF 100 pcs
Circuit Frames

BEST has a vast array of different circuit frames both in dry film and epoxy versions.

Why BEST PCB Repair Circuit Frames?
  • Stock to 5 business day delivery-every part of the process is controlled in house
  • Consistent quality; all processing is done in house
  • Wide variety of standard repair frames
  • Gold plated repair circuit frames
  • Both 1 and 2oz copper frames available
  • Custom frames available as processing is done in house saves your technician’s repair time, reduce the minimum order quantities and significant tooling charges and specialty tooling

BEST PCB Repair Circuit Frames

Gold circuit frame example

Eyelet Selection Criteria

ID - Inside Diameter
Eyelet inside diameter should be 0.003"-0.020" greater than the component lead diameter.
OD - Outside Diameter
The clearance hole in the circuit board should be 0.001" to 0.005" greater than the outside diameter.
LUF - Length Under Flange
The length of the flange should be 0.020" - 0.035" greater than the thickness of the circuit board.
FD - Flange Diameter
The flange diameter should be small enough to prevent interference with adjacent pads or circuits.

For custom circuit frames call BEST at (847) 767-5745.