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stencilquik step1 StencilQuik™ allows you to rework a BGA even in tight spaces not accommodated with a metal stencil. Paste flux or solder paste stencil kits StencilQuik™ eliminates the hassle of cleaning stencils. metal stencils, solder paste stencils, bga stencils, mini stencils, micro stencils. StencilQuik™ eliminates hours of tedious mask repairs underneath BGAs. stencil quik, stencilquik, StencilQuik, flextec stencils StencilQuik™ eliminates multiple paste print operations due to dirty stencils. Eliminate hours of solder mask damage repair time for BGA sites while improving rework yield.

StencilQuik™ serves as both your stencil and alignment device. As a bonus the stencil acts as an insulator between interconnects preventing shorts between balls thereby increasing the reliability of the reworked device. The benefits of StencilQuik™ process are many:

  • Eliminates "smearing" of the solder paste print pattern as the StencilQuik™ never gets lifted off the PCB
  • Provides the lowest cost method for area array device placement as stencil cleaning costs are eliminated, scrap due to improper device placement is greatly reduced and the time required to align and place a device is cut significantly
  • Allows you to rework area array devices in very "tight" areas on the PCB that are not possible with a metal stencil
  • Allows you to rework area array devices with solder resist irregularities. The StencilQuik™ acts as a mask for damaged solder mask areas underneath a BGA. This eliminates the time required to tediously repair damaged mask while preventing "shorting" between balls
  • StencilQuik™ allows you to rework area array devices on warped boards as the stencil is held in intimate contact with the PCB when the solder paste or flux is applied.
  • StencilQuik™ features a built-in spacer which prevents excessive solder paste collapse and provides a minimum stand off height between the area array device and the PCB
  • StencilQuik™ acts as an insulating barrier between solder balls as the solder paste masks adjacent apertures increasing placement reliability
  • StencilQuik™ allows you to more quickly and correctly align a high lead count leaded SMT component increasing rework throughput
  • Simplifies BGA placement as you can "feel" the device settle into the apertures of the StencilQuik™.
  • Allows you to replace your own BGAs or CSPs-without special training or large capital equipment expenditures

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