Terms and Condition

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Estimates and Prices:

For quoting purposes, BEST, Inc. recommends that an evaluation sample board be provided in order to fully and accurately assess the project. In instances when an evaluation board is not available, we will provide an estimate based on the digital pictures, drawings, and/or a conversation with customer technical personnel at BEST, Inc. regarding the services being estimated. In those cases where a physical sample is unavailable when the quotation is being prepared, BEST, Inc. reserves the right to revise the quotation upon receipt of the board at our facility. BEST, Inc. will submit a quotation listing the price per piece, services to be provided, delivery and payment terms. Work will begin upon receipt of a signed quotation by customer's authorized personnel, including either a credit card with pre-authorization or the contracting party's purchase order. Product shipment will take place when the work is completed, and the terms of payment have been established.

Warranty and Satisfaction Guarantee:

BEST, Inc. guarantees 100% of the contract services performed will be free of defects when shipped. In most cases our work is inspected by a quality control inspector in accordance with the contractual terms or the latest IPC 610 applicable standards.

We will repair, at no charge, any product where the service work performed by BEST, Inc. has a workmanship defect. BEST, Inc.'s liability is limited to the repair of workmanship defects and BEST, Inc. is not liable for any other expenses or losses. As a precondition to this warranty, all outstanding invoices from BEST, Inc. must have been paid in full.

BGA Rework and Repair:

BEST, Inc. may request the use of development PCB's and mechanical sample BGAs in order to develop the optimal BGA rework profile for each project. We will charge a nominal fee for this profile development, a one-time charge that is specific to that board. Future jobs involving that same part on the same board at the same reference designator will not be charged for profiling that same part. We consider our BGA rework capabilities to be the best in the industry; however, it is impossible to guarantee optimal results 100% of the time without the proper development materials. As in the automated assembly process, a profile must be developed to insure repeatability and long-term reliability. If we are asked to proceed with the BGA rework without developing the proper profile, we cannot assure you of a 100% guarantee. If we need to re-ball BGAs due to a lack of developmental samples, you will be charged for the re-balling service. Please keep in mind BGAs must arrive in hermetically sealed packaging (in accordance with IPC/JEDEC J-STD-033) in order to be eligible for expedited delivery services. BEST has the capability to bake BGAs but this will extend the lead-time.

Rework and Temperature Cycles:

BGA and other PCB rework may require that the circuit board be exposed to multiple high temperature heat cycles. At a minimum these include the temperatures encountered during the original manufacturing process, the removal process, and the re-installation process. These multiple heat cycles may cause damage/discoloration to the circuit board, adjacent components, and the solder mask. Any damage that may be caused by these additional heat cycles is not the responsibility of BEST. However, if the PCB, parts and materials are designed to withstand the rework process, BEST reworked boards will comply with the acceptance criteria guidelines as outlined in IPC A-610. It is the responsibility of the customer to notify BEST about any components on the circuit board that may be unusually sensitive to bake out or reflow temperatures.

Moisture Sensitive Devices:

The processing of moisture sensitive devices will be in accordance with latest IPC/JEDEC JSTD- 033A standard. The contracting party is responsible to inform BEST of the moisture sensitivity level of any components to be reworked. If the customer does not know the moisture sensitivity level, BEST will bake all components for a minimum of 48 hours at 125º C. As an exception to this policy, components received in sealed and labeled moisture barrier bags can be processed without baking. If the customer waives the bake requirement, BEST will not be responsible for component damage it judges to be the result of moisture intrusion. Components that are received dry-packed in moisture barrier bags will be returned in the same condition. Many assemblies contain components that may be heat sensitive (batteries, plastic connectors, etc.). It is the responsibility of the contracting party to inform BEST of the presence of any heat sensitive devices that may be damaged by temperatures up to 150 º C.


Minimum Order Size & Payment Terms:

Our minimum Rework and Repair services charge is $200.00 for existing customers and $500.00 for new customers. Payment terms are Net 30 days for qualified accounts. We also accept MasterCard, Visa, Discover Card and AMEX. These terms and conditions of sale are provided to BEST customers on first-time orders and may/may not be sent out but be referred to on subsequent quotations.


Process Yield

Due to the nature of PCB rework and repair even using the best soldering technicians you should expect less than 100% yield. Unlike the SMT assembly process where most processes can be tightly controlled during PCB rework and repair this same level of control is not possible. There may be some level less than perfect which is to be expected. 


Rework Conditions

The repair of physical damage on circuit boards has become a demanding undertaking. Fine line circuits, micro-miniature surface mount and BGA pads, advanced multi-layer construction, and more, contribute to the difficulty of undertaking this type of work. The following conditions must be met when sending circuit boards to BEST for repair.

  • The area to be repaired or reworked must be clearly identified.
  • When previously unidentified minor defects are discovered during repair or rework, the customer grants BEST permission to correct those minor defects without notification.
  • When requested, artwork will be promptly supplied.

BEST cannot guarantee the rework of boards which have been conformal coated.  Even if the conformal coating has been removed from the immediate rework area, the coating can be affected anywhere on the PCB.  During the expansion and contraction of the conformal coating during reflow, this could potentially disturb solder joints.