Instructions for Sending Parts Into BEST Inc for Reballing

  1. We prefer that you do not remove any residual solder from the BGAs, CSPs or other area array devices

    BEST technicians will “deball” the components at BEST. The deballing process, if not done properly, can cause irreparable damage to the pads.

  2. Make sure the devices are baked out per the J-STD-033 guidelines to prevent MSD damage PRIOR to their removal from the PCB

    Drive out the moisture through a bakeout of the board you are moving the BGAs from.

  3. Use a proper thermal profile when removing the BGAs from the PCB

    Make sure the board is preheated to approximately 150C prior to device removal profile being employed

    Using no more than (2-3 °C/second) as a ramp in the removal heating profile. Limited into tray size the peak temperature during the removal cycle to stay within the manufacturers maximum suggested temperature range. This is usually 220 °C (Sn-Pb) or 250 °C (Pb-free).

  4. Use proper packaging for sending the BGAs into BEST.

    Make sure that the components are packaged tightly, and stacked in the proper fitting trays in order to prevent damage to the components. At times parts have a lot of excessive solder on them which do not allow them to be properly fitted into trays. Make sure the packaging is ESD-safe.

  5. Send a mechanical drawing of the the tooling

    Sending the mechanical specification ahead of time will allow us to get the tooling started as soon as possible

  6. Make sure to include your quote number as well as contact information

    We want to make sure that we have the right quantities, part numbers, allow designation, etc in order to complete the work professionally and with ahigh degree of care.