Fine gauge wire stripping

Fine gauge wire stripping Fine gauge wire stripping BEST offers a variety of wire stripping and cut to length services for OEMs and contract manufacturers. Our wire stripping expertise comes in when the wire is of a fine gauge from 28-36 gauge, when there is enamel coated wire which needs removing, when window pane or other customized strip patterns are required or when a ribbon cable assembly needs window stripping accomplished.

BEST Inc. can manage your small gauge (28-36gauge) wire stripping project. We can cut the wire to length, strip the wire, strip and leave the insulation on the wire and package it to your exacting specifications. When it comes to wire stripping, BEST Inc can be your source for prepping finer gauge wires.

Stripping enamel coated wire is one of the capabilities for BEST Inc. in terms of wire stripping, Since the enamel is bonded to the conductor the right laser source needs to be used to remove the enamel but not harm the wire. BEST Inc. has the right laser source for this process.

BEST Inc. also can perform customized wire stripping patterns including but not limited to window pane stripping, staggered stripping patterns and others. Once the laser has been programmed to cut through the insulation its precision and repeatability in terms of production quantities is unmatched by others wire stripping methods.

Ribbon cable can also be cut to length and window pane stripped by BEST Inc. Our wire stripping services make sure that your procurement pipeline is filled with quality product.

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