PCB Rework Consulting

BEST Inc. has a staff deep in experience related to PCB rework. Manufacturers can tap this background when security, timing, size or sensitivity of the rework project may require that a process be developed by the soldering geeks at BEST in order for you and your staff to perform the rework or repair at your own facilities. The types of rework projects typical of these types of PCB rework consulting jobs include but are not limited to the following:

  • BGA rework consisting of difficult to rework locations including PoPs, underfilled BGAs, BGAs which are mirrored, BGAs which have a high density of components in the vicinity of the rework location including underneath he BGA
  • Heat sensitive devices which either need to be reworked or have heat-sensitive devices in the area
  • Heat shields removal and replacement
  • QFN, LGA or other leadless device rework where getting proper ground coverage is difficult
  • Ultra miniature BGAs, 01005s or other small component body packages

The typical process for engaging with BEST on a PCB rework consulting job includes at the end of the day the development of a statement of work for the PCB rework consulting engagement. There is a wide variety of ways we can begin to engage. At times, after signing the appropriate non-disclosure documents and the sharing of drawings and photos we will schedule a video teleconference or phone call where there can be some give and take on the technical issues and boundary conditions. After this is well understood, and it makes sense, samples are exchanged which BEST PCB rework consulting engineering staff will look at to determine feasibility. In some cases, basic trials may be worked through by BEST Inc. staff or a small design of experiments will take place. Along this sometimes iterative process an SOW and quotation is developed for a process document.

In developing a process BEST Inc. will give you a “cookbook” of materials, recipes including photos and video for you and your staff to adopt the PCB rework process inside one of your factories. In other cases the PCB rework consulting job may consist of your staff being trained in the process at our or your facility. Having access to the correct equipment, given the variety of rework equipment residing at BEST Inc. may makes the development of the rework steps as part of the PCB rework consulting process much faster. If you have material boundary conditions, such as the type of flux chemistry, those may or may not slow down the development process. We can also help you to dial in your quality and inspection criteria as part of the development of your process documentation.

BEST Inc. is unique in our ability to provide an experienced “set of eyes” that may be a low yielding rework process. We have a wide variety of equipment including, robotic dispensers, solder extraction robot, lasers to selectively cut and remove materials, x-ray, AOI and many other tools that may not be available to you immediately. In addition, since this is “what we do” you well get an extended group of subject matter experts that can help you solve your PCB rework consulting projects. BEST Inc. staff consist of engineers who sit on various IPC committees as well as having instructors who routinely teach the standards. Therefore, our staff has the depth of PCB rework experience in which others with similar challenges my have already had like problems solved. 

Call BEST Inc. for your next PCB rework consulting project.