NDT X-Ray Sorting and Inspection

BEST provides non-destructive sorting and testing (NDT) services imparting expertise and experience to projects in the electronics, defense, aerospace, medical device and automotive markets. NDT provided by BEST can include precision measurement as well as imaging services. We can help you with real time analysis to help you identify the integrity and quality level of internal components and then provide sorting services based on the established criteria. Our team of x-ray and inspection technicians, knowledgeable in electronic industry acceptance standards, will assist you in your failure analysis efforts by providing high resolution x-ray imaging from multiple angles and views. Using our x-ray imaging systems we can help detect contaminates and foreign materials and FOD. NDT is meant to check for hidden flaws or defects in the material while maintaining the safety, reliability and integrity of assembly and sub-assembly components and structures.

The typical process in order to generate the x-ray NDT testing flow has been worked out for numerous clients. The first part of the project is consulting with BEST to develop an action plan and “plan of attack” based on your requirements. We then will have you ship a sample to our Rolling Meadows (Chicago) location. BEST will evaluate the sample using our trained technicians and software and confirm the timing and final pricing for the NDT x-ray sorting project. We will then present you with either a formal report, the results and images of the analysis.

X-ray or radiography enables BEST NDT technicians to view the internal structure of an object. Corrosion, voids and other anomalies can be detected via sharp x-ray imaging. Using NDT x-ray testing we can verify components and structures before they are placed in service in order to make sure that the parts are in conformance. We test from a variety of industries including but not limited to aeronautics, automotive, medical, military, electronics and others. Materials such as concrete, metal, plastic, fiberglass, ceramic can be tested and dimensions verified using the x-ray testing. Some of the projects we have worked on include smart car assemblies, engine control modules, wire harnesses for medical devices, battery pack sorting as well as others.

In the NDT x-ray method radiation is transmitted from a source on one side with a detector developing an image on the other side of the object. This means there needs to be access to the image of interest. Our NDT technicians are able to manipulate the source, the detector and the image in order to get a clear view. This can then be recorded if desired. Material thickness differences and density differences will attenuate the radiation through both absorption and scattering. These difference are then captured at the x-ray systems; digital detector. BEST technicians then analyze the resulting image for the presence of any anomalies and provide clients with an inspection report which summarizes the findings. The images can be captured as a digital image or video.

There are several benefits to non-destructive x-ray testing. One of the major benefits is being able to detect the internal and external defects or anomalies present in the object. Images generated by the x-ray inspection are clear and accurate. Little to no sample preparation is required when performing NDT x-ray imaging. In addition, this form of non-destructive testing is effective for many material types. These are just some of the benefits of using x-rays to provide non-destructive testing.

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