IPC 7711 Certified IPC Specialist (CIS) Course





Buy the 7711/21 spec
IPC 7711/21,  Rework, Modification, and Repair of Electronic Assemblies,  is a widely used standad that offers a wealth of industry-approved techniques on through-hole and surface-mount (SMT) rework as well as land, conductor, and laminate repair. It covers procedural requirements, tools, materials, and methods for removing and replacing conformal coatings, surface-mount, and through-hole components. The standard also includes procedures for repairing and modifying boards and assemblies.

Certification in this course gives you the skills you need to restore operations of expensive electronics assemblies, which can reduce the costs and waste associated with scrapping flawed boards and assemblies. The IPC 7711 Certified IPC Specialist (CIS) course provides individuals with a portable credential that represents their understanding of the IPC 7711.

The IPC 7711 CIS course can be held at your location, at one of the BEST training locations or in the BEST mobile training center.

The IPC 7711 Certified IPC Specialist (CIS) course leads to the two-year certification through IPC. The training course uses lectures and practical application to teach the rework criteria of the IPC 7711 Rework of Electronic Assemblies document. The training course consists of 6 modules, each of which covers specific rework areas. Please click on the course overview to view the various modules.

Please note that previous soldering experience is recommended.

The candidate will be taught and shown various skills necessary to perform rework at an advanced level. These include but are limited to the following:
  • Demonstrate recommended wire splicing techniques
  • Remove and replace Plated Through Hole components
  • Remove and replace Chip SMT components using a variety of methods
  • Remove and replace J-lead SMT components using a variety of methods
  • Remove and replace SOIC Gull Wing and SOT SMT components using a variety of methods

These methods will include vacuum extraction, component specific tips, as well as bottom heater and hot air removal system.


- Demonstrate recommended wire-splicing techniques

- Remove and replace plated through-hole components

- Remove and replace chip and MELF SMT components

- SOIC Gull Wing and SOT SMT components

- J-Lead SMT Components

- Successfully pass written exams with a 70% or better average score on the IPC exams

  • IPC 7711/21 Specification (Purchase a standard here)
  • Solder training kit and materials for PCB rework
  • IPC Certificate of Completion

MODULE 1 - General Knowledge of IPC-7711/21 (Required prerequisite for all modules)

  • General Requirements of IPC 7711 & IPC 7721
  • Review of Soldering Technology

MODULE 2 - Wire Skills (Optional)

MODULE 3 - Conformal Coating (Optional)

MODULE 4 - Through-Hole Technology (Optional)

MODULE 5 - Chip and MELF Components (Optional)

MODULE 6 - Gull Wing Components - SOTC, SOIC, D-PAK, QFP (Optional)

MODULE 7 - J-Lead Components (Optional)

Components covered in the training:

Through-Hole            Chip & MELF               SOT and SOIC

- 1/4 Watt Resistor    - 1206 Resistor           - SOT 23

- DO-35 Diode           - 1206 MELF               - SOIC 14


QFP                         D-PAK                        J-Lead

- QFP 44                  - D-PAK                      - PLCC 28

- LQFP 100