Soldering 101 Course Outline





Soldering 101 provides beginning soldering students or those new to the electronics industry with knowledge and hands-on skills for both through-hole and surface mount technologies. The student will be exposed to classroom lecture and hands-on skill development through instructor demonstrations and real time instructor feedback. Each student will then populate a functioning  PCB soldering the components in place to make for a working project. This basic soldering course will teach the basic principles of hand soldering both throughhole as well as SMT parts.

Topics Include:
  • ESD
  • Basics of Soldering
  • Introduction to Metcal
  • Component ID
  • IPC Class 2 workmanship standards
  • Through-hole soldering
  • Surface mount soldering


Materials Provided:
  • "Learn How to Solder" Training Kit

Unlike the rest of the other soldering kits out there, the BEST intro soldering kit features BOTH throughhole as well as SMT components. Not only will you be introduced to a typical mixed technology board, but you will be soldering on a real life board. This board features a ground plane for the LEDs mimicking what you may see in industry. This means you will have to learn patience associated with soldering the parts loaded and connected to the ground plane.

Not only will you learn how to solder "real world" SMT and throughhole components, but you will be left with a working decision maker. You can print out the overlay that we will send you and use as an electronic "wheel of fortune," "decision maker," or whatever you can imagine. The LEDs will flash sequentially when the pushbutton is initiated and after a few seconds only one LED will be active.

You can choose to purchase just the "Learning How to Solder" Training kit on our online store here.

Course Outline


  • Introduction of ESD
    • Causes
    • Stategies
  • Basics of Soldering
    • Tip Selection
    • Alloy Nomenclature
  • Introduction to Metcal
    • Solder Station Use
  • Component Identification
    • Through-Hole
    • Surface Mount
  • IPC Class 2 Workmanship Standards
    • Based on the IPC-A-610 Certification
  • Through-Hole Soldering
    • Techniques and Procedures for:
      1. Axial Resistors & Capacitors
      2. Radical Box Capacitors
      3. Radical Gold Lead Transistor
      4. DIP 16 Pin


  • Through-hole Soldering (continued)
  • Surface Mount Soldering
    • Techniques and Procedures for:
      1. QFP 80
      2. SOIC 14
      3. SOT 23
      4. 1206, 0805, & 0603 Chip Resistors
      5. 1206 MELF
      6. PLCC 44
  • Student Project
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