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The SMT Assembly "Boot Camp" Class is a practical overview of many different PCB manufacturing & training processes as well as materials used in through-hole and surface mount technologies (SMT). It is a focused three-day class, which provides students with the opportunity to learn and understand the processes, tools, and materials used in today's manufacture of electronic assemblies. It is taught by a team of experienced and knowledgeable engineers and technicians that have worked in a variety of electronics PCB manufacturing related fields. What makes this class unique is that students will see, first hand, the different parts of the SMT assembly process as well as getting some real world experience "under their belts" at various company locations and from a variety of view points.

This is a 3-day lecture and practical “observation” course which teaches students the basic processes for PCB assembly.  

  • SMT Assembly certificate of completion
Course Outline


DAY 1 - 2

  • Introduction
    • Introduction and overview of the SMT assembly process
    • RoHS
  • PCB Board Fabrication
    • How boards are fabricated
    • Surface finishes
    • Laminates
    • Flux
  • Solder Paste
    • Basics of the soldering process including alloys, fluxes, solder paste, rheology, and inter-metallic bond
    • Analysis of the stencil printing process including using Gerber data to manufacture stencils, different stencil considerations, squeegee selection, etc. Paste deposition will be discussed along with common defects found during the stenciling process and the best resolution
  • Stencil Design
    • Chem-etch, laser cut, e-form
    • Aperture designs
    • IPC-7525 stencil design guidelines
  • Printing parameters
    • Squeegee speed and pressure plus other important parameters
    • Under stencil wiping - wet and dry
    • Solder paste inspection
    • Defects typically associated with the printing process
  • Component Placement
    • Analysis of component placement process, machine types, where typical defects can occur and the best resolution
    • Machine architecture
      • Turret machines
      • Modular-all manufacturers now
      • Hybrid machines
  • Overview of the placement process - SMT Tour
    • Board profiling
    • Reflow
  • Analysis of the reflow process and profiling
    • How to build a robust SMT profile, typical defects and the best resolution
    • Straight ramp vs. ramp/soak/spike
    • Impact of cooling cycle
    • Effect of N2
    • Defects caused by improper profile
  • Wave Soldering
    • Analysis of the wave solder and selective solder process including profile generation, flux application, and defect recognition/root cause analysis. Hands-on training at the wave solder machine
    • Flux application - spray, foam, drop jet
    • Effects of N2
    • Defects at the wave
  • Cleaning and cleanliness testing
    • Why clean
    • Cleaning chemistry
    • Manual cleaning
    • Cleaning equipment - automated cleaning
      • Vapor degreaser
      • Aqueous/semi aqueous-batch and in-line
    • Cleanliness testing
  • Testing
    • Overview of the test process including AOI, AXI, ICT, flying probe and functional


  • Component ID
  • PCB fab process and tour
  • Stencil fab tour
  • Prining demonstration
  • Solder paste printing and placement demo
  • X-Ray equipment demo
  • Tour of testing faciltiy ICT and flying probe
  • Testing and certification
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