IPC J-STD-001 Certified IPC Specialist (CIS) Course




IPC J-STD-001, Requirements for Soldered Electrical and Electronic Assemblies, has emerged as the preeminent authority for electronics assembly manufacturing worldwide. The standard describes materials, methods, and verification criteria for producing high-quality soldered leaded and lead-free interconnections. It emphasizes process control and establishes industry-consensus requirements for a broad range of electrical connections. The IPC J-STD-001 training program consists of both hand soldering as well as learning the material in the J-STD-001 specification related to various assembly methods.

The IPC J-STD-001 training program focuses on the knowledge and hand skills that individuals need to produce high-quality soldered interconnections. Certification helps enhance individual skills and performance. The IPC J-STD-001 Certified IPC Specialist (CIS) Course provides individuals with a portable credential that recognizes their soldering skills and understanding of this internationally recognized standard.

IPC J-STD-001 Certified IPC Specialist (CIS) Course at BEST
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Completion of the IPC J-STD-001 Certified IPC Specialist (CIS) Course leads to the issuance of an IPC certificate. The J-STD-001 certification course uses lecture, practical application, and written examinations to teach the standard criteria. The course consists of 5 modules, each of which covers specific technology areas. Please view the modules under the course outline.

The IPC J-STD-001 certification program for CIS candidates consists of hand soldering skills of someone who would be considered at the advanced level in terms of their soldering skills. The students should also be well-versed in component identification as well be knowledgeable about EOS/ESD practices for the J-STD-001 certification program. Finally the IPC J-STD-001 candidates should be at the 5th grade or better in terms of their reading comprehension level.

BEST Inc. instruction is different from most other training centers as we test on inspection skills as part of Module 5. Students are shown various PCBs, as well as terminals, and then are asked to identify defects.

Please note that previous soldering experience is recommended. 


- Demonstrate lab soldering that meets the minimum requirements of the IPC J-STD-001 certification program requirements

- Be able to reference the IPC J-STD-001 standard

- Earn an overall score of 70% or better on the IPC written examinations in order for passage of the IPC J-STD-001 certification.


  • IPC J-STD-001 specification
  • IPC certificate of completion
  • Soldering kit including components and materials for soldering certification
Course Outline

MODULE 1 - Introduction/Overview of IPC J-STD-001 (Required Prerequisite)

  • Course Overview/Safety
  • EOS/ESD/Equipment Classes
  • Solder Theory/Solderability
  • Solder Flux/Solder Alloys
  • Facility & Tools/Training Requirements
  • Plated Through-Hole & SMT Assembly/Solder Requirements
  • Cleaning/Review
  • Final Examination

MODULE 2 - Wires and Terminals (Optional)

  • Wire Preparation & Soldering to Terminals
  • Terminal Inspection
  • Wire/Terminal Demonstration and Lab
  • Review
  • Final Examination

MODULE 3 - Through-Hole Technology (Optional)

  • Lead Preparatio/Component Mounting
  • Plated Through-Hole Inspection Criteria
  • Through-Hole Demonstration and Lab
  • Review
  • Final Examination

MODULE 4 - Surface Mount Technology (SMT) (Optional)

  • SMT Criteria
  • SMT Inspection Criteria
  • SMT Soldering Demonstration and Lab
  • Review
  • Final Examination

MODULE 5 - Inspection Methodology (Optional)

  • Theory of Inspection SPC
  • Defect Definition & Disposition
  • Inspection Skills Lab
  • Review
  • Final Examination


Components covered in the training:
Through-Hole SMT Terminals
- 1/4 Watt Resistor - 1206 MELF - Turret
- DO-35 Diode - 1206 Capacitor - Pierced
- CK06 Capacitor - 0805 Resistor - Hook
- T0 5 Transistor - 0402 Resistor - Bifurcated
- DIP-16 - SOIC 14 - Cup
- 22 AWG Wire - LQFP 100  
  - PLCC 20  
  - D-PAK