Cable and Wire Harness Assembly




The BEST Cable and Wire Harness Assembly course is a comprehensive course that will give individuals the practical hands-on experience necessary to build an entire wire harness assembly. This hands-on course is supplemental to the IPC/WHMA-A-620 CIT and/or CIS certification program. The IPC/WHMA-A-620 Requirements and Acceptance for Cable and Wire Harness Assemblies has become the most important process, materials, and inspections standard for the cable and wire harness industry. Now BEST is marrying the industry standard inspection class with a modularized wire harness course teaching students the “how to” practical elements of the industry.

During the course, students will be introduced to wire harness print readings and interpretation, wire preparation and solder terminations, coaxial terminations, pin crimp terminations, IDC terminations, splicing, lug crimp terminations, and harness securing. This course is taught through a series of hands-on labs. Students can choose to attend the entire course, or a comp[any can tailor the wire harness assembly course based on its training need be connected to each individual pin of the multi-pin connector. Students will be using industry standard tools including wire cutters, various strippers, soldering irons and test equipment This course is structures in accordance to the IPC/WHMA-A-620 specification which means students interested in taking this wire harness assembly course should have already been trained in the IPC/WHMA-620 standards.

For the final part of the wire harness assembly course students will be given a complete wire harness to build. The student will interpret the drawings, prep the wires and cables based on the cut list. Student of the wire harness assembly class will have to determine which wire type, wire jacket color and what length of wire will be needed in the harness.

This class can be held at a BEST training site location, the mobile training center or at your facility.

Each graduate of the wire harness training class will receive a certificate of completion from BEST.

Course Objective:

- Interpret a wire harness print

- Prepare the cables and terminations according to the print

- Route, wire, and test the interconnections

Materials Provided:

- Sample cables, wires and connectors that are used throughout the course

- BEST Inc. certificate of completion

Cable and Wire Harness Assembly Outline

Course Outline

- Modules can be selected based on training needs -

MODULE 1 - Overview

  • Basis of reading a wiring harness blueprint
  • Blueprint interpretation
  • Cut-list interpretation

MODULE 2 - Wire Preparation

  • Prepping wire lengths
  • Wire stripping using mechanical and thermal strippers
  • Wire tinning
  • Wire installation onto board

MODULE 3 - Coaxial Terminations

  • Cutting, stripping coax wire
  • Assembling coaxial connectors onto coax cable

MODULE 4 - Pin Crimp Terminations

  • Cut, strip, and crimp stamped and formed contacts
  • Cut, strip, and crimp machined contacts
  • Wire installation onto harness board

MODULE 5 - IDC Terminations

  • Cut, strip CAT5 wire
  • Crimp on Ethernet connectors

MODULE 6 - Splicing

  • Wire splicing using a variety of techniques including solder charged connectors, crimped, and solder connections

MODULE 7 - Lug Crimp Terminations

  • Cut, strip wires and attach crimp terminations

MODULE 8 - Harness Securing

  • Securing the cable using tie-wraps according to the print