October 2019


October 2019
Dear Electronics Colleague -
Thanks to all the visitors who attended the recent SMTAI trade show in Chicago-it was nice to see many of you again!
Don't forget to pick them apples for Halloween and other fall festivals.

All the BEST,

Dan Patten
BEST Training-Planning for 2020?

Solder Training and Certification 
Solder Training and Certification
This is the time of year when training plans for employee are being reviewed and budgets are being written. Is it time to consider more training to sharpen your staff's skills and knowledge?
Here are some of the things BEST can offer:
Full training staff if you are too busy to get all of your required training done
We bring everything training with the mobile training center
SMT boot camp for people new to the electronics assembly industry
Soldering 101 for those just beginning to solder
More classes in wires and terminals, leadless device rework and more can be found here.
Whether you want to learn about how to solder a specific device, earn an IPC certification or have new hires learn about the SMT process through a combination of classroom as well as hands-on learning, BEST can be your training provider.
In terms of planning the next round of IPC-A-610 and J-STD-001 standards, revisions are being planned for the next 12 months. Stay tuned!
A full schedule for 2020 will be coming out soon.
Let us Help You DeBug through Jumper Wires and Other PCB Modifications
During the PCB development of more complex electronics, there are always design or performance issues that surface during the prototyping and alpha/beta build process steps. Let BEST be your ECO/ECN partner to get theses designs to market faster through board level modifications.

Our highly-trained PCB "surgeons" can help shorten this debug process. Whether the boards are populated or unpopulated, BEST can be trusted with your PCB repair/mods.
BEST has been part of the standards development for PCB repair/mod since its founding in late 1990.
Contact Laura Ripoli @ 224-387-3255 for more information on how we can provide this service for your project.
Soldering Kit for New Solder Tech Screening/Training
We developed our Soldering 101 kit so that training students would have a more realistic experience when it came to soldering in the classroom.
When we teach our beginning soldering class students they get a taste of both through-hole, SMT and wire prepping all on one project board. At the end of class they have also "made" something that works.
More information on this soldering kit can be found here.