March 2019

Dear Electronics Colleague -

With the Winter's polar vortex finally in the rear view mirror, it's time to warm up and get busy!  I'm often reminded how lucky we are to have such a talented team.  Our technicians, which I often refer to as the "Surgeons" or "The Navy Seals" of solder technicians, have the unique mixture of high technical skill and artistry.  They've seen it all and developed this winning combination of skill/art.  Yesterday, one of you wrote in "very happy with the work.  Especially impressed with the epoxy repair.".  Thanks for the feedback!  Keep the work coming and we'll continue to meet and always strive to exceed your expectations.

Best Regards,


Dan Patten 


High Volume PCB Rework

Many times a very large rework project may not make a lot of sense. The labor costs are more than 50% of the board material costs, or the job is too large to get through in the required timing.

High Volume Electronics Rework
High Volume Electronics Rework

BEST possess a semi-automatic rework machine that can both deposit paste/flux as well as place parts at high speed. This capability is meant for projects requiring the replacement of passive devices, BGAs/QFNs on a single board, or multiple boards. Find out more on our website.

Contact Laura Ripoli at 224-387-3255 with any questions.

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We have scheduled courses at our main facility outside of Chicago that are coming up and filling quickly! The following courses are scheduled:

April 8 - 12

April 15 - 16

April 17

April 22 - 26

April 24 - 26

If you are interested in learning more about the courses or registering, contact Alex Conley at 224-387-3256.

-Product Highlight-

Circuit Frames

BEST circuit frames come in both dry film and epoxy versions. We can produce circuit frames in 1 and 2 oz copper as well as with bright tin or nickel gold surface finishes. These circuit frames are micro-etched on the board side in order to insure better adhesion between the board and the replacement frame material. Custom patterns are available with no extra tooling charges or minimums as we can design and fabricate custom patterns so that you can reduce your repair time.

For more information regarding circuit frames, contact Chris Edwards at 847-797-9250.