Online IPC Training

*  During the COVID-19 stay in place orders we are providing online as well as in person training using CDC guidelines as an essential business

Time away from the manufacturing floor for production or rework technicians is an opportunity cost that is not easily retrieved. Many times with this mindset any training done offsite or even onsite is perceived by some as time “wasted” not maintaining manufacturing or repair depot output. Therefore, as many types of training have moved to an online format, soldering, IPC training and online ipc certification as well as other electronics manufacturing training is being “pushed” in this same direction. BEST Inc has the ability to met these needs.

The types of electronics manufacturing training can be broken down into two separate categories. The first category would be that of “discrimination”, specification or background learning. The second category would be that of "hand skills training". While the first category may lend itself readily to online training the second category in our 20 plus experience does not lend itself well to PCB Assembly Training.

The type of electronics manufacturing training that is a discrimination, QC, specification or background skills testing may include all or some of the following:

Online training services, such as the IPC-A-610 and the J-STD-001 offered by BEST Inc. can either be standards training, when allowed, or custom training based on specific customer training requirements. BEST Inc. training staff can work with you on your specific requirements using popular video training platforms like ZOOM, GOTO Meeting or Google Meet.

The IPC online training or specific electronics assembly training offered by BEST Inc. can be administered through a variety of methods. One of the simplest methods, which allows students from multiple locations to be trained at the same time. There are other online training platforms available where students can learn and be tested on the material at their own leisure. IPC training now offers online proctoring which means live training over the internet for IPC-A-600, IPC-A-610, IPC-A-620 and IPC-6012 certification training followed by online proctored testing.

Call BEST Inc today to discuss your requirements for either IPC online training and certification or customized electronics assembly training.