May 2019


May 2019
Dear Electronics Colleague -

IPC released a new certification program this past month, the Certified Standards Expert (CSE) program. When someone is certified as a CSE, the certification shows that the individual has demonstrated the knowledge, skills, and abilities required to act as a subject matter expert for a specific IPC standard.
A CSE is different from a Certified IPC Trainer (CIT). CSEs are not trainers and, accordingly, they are not required to train others like current CITs are required to do. Learn all about the CSE new program here or by viewing our informative video.

BEST is now regularly offering the CSE program at our facilities . For information regarding the new training, contact Alex Conley at 224-387-3256.
BEST TapeShapes

The BEST custom-cutting of tape shapes for  conformal coating  masking will save you time and money. BEST will cut out custom shapes of 3M Type 401 Flexible tape/adhesive. These shapes will then be "fit" onto a sheet either as a single board of pattern or as a step-repeat pattern for conformal coating protection. The advantage of a sheet of custom tape masking shapes is that the coating technician can take note when all the tapes have been pulled off. This will help determine if all of the masked-off areas of the PCB are protected. It is a way to help insure quality control for conformal coating masking tape for smaller lot sizes when die cutting is not economically viable.
Contact Chris Edwards at 847-797-9250 for more information.
PCB Rework/X-Ray Inspection
Would you like a drink with your next BGA Rework or X-Ray inspection? BEST offers free bottle-opener USB flash drives with your inspection files loaded on them.

Inspection results can be supplied as JPEGs, MPEGs, or even easy to interpret reports. Contact Laura Ripoli  at 224-387-3255 about our BGA rework and X-Ray inspection services!
Training Schedule for July - December
The BEST Inc. Training Schedule for the second half of the year (July through December) has been released. All of our IPC courses, as well as our BEST courses are listed. You can view all of the scheduled dates on our website here.
For any questions regarding a particular course, contact Alex Conley at 224-387-3256.
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