BGA & PCB Rework 

BEST can provide a wide variety of rework services like Rework BGA, PCB Rework, QFN Rework, LGA Rework etc. that is removal and replacement of components, services whether it is a BGA, QFN, LGA or other surface mount or throughhole component. BEST can provide the expertise in soldering and the proper acceptance criteria associated with each device in order to do the job professionally. BEST staff can perform the rework projects from lot sizes from one to tens of thousands, automated the process to a degree whatever necessary based on your delivery requirements.

Our specialty since the advent of the BGA package is the Rework BGA process. We have removed and replaced hundreds of thousands of BGAs since our inception. In this time BEST has continued to innovate in terms of new processes, materials for shielding and differing stencil options. Our multitude of high end rework systems, robots and pick and place equipment allows us to be creative in our process development as well as being able to responsive to customer demands. We look forward to servicing your needs as we face new challenges along with you!