August 2016


PCB Inspection and Rework Challenges. Come see BEST at SMTAI!                                                                                                                             (847) 797-9250

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August 2016 

Dear Electronics Colleague:

Over the summer, our family was at 3 different county fairs - I should be running for office, or raising hens, pigs, or rabbits; so I can bring home the ribbons! 

Don't forget to attend SMTAI on September 25 - 29, 2016! We are launching a new workshop on PCB inspection and will be delivering a paper on BGA rework challenges. To learn more about the conference, click here. Hope to see you there!

Best regards,


Bob Wettermann

President, BEST Inc.

Product Highlight - 

Gold Contact Replating Kit

If you have solder contaminated contacts, contacts that don't meet the minimum thickness specification or damaged gold edge contacts, then this is the PCB repair kit for you. 

The BEST gold contact plating kit includes everything you need for fine select pen plating and brush plating 24K gold onto electronic contact surfaces. The gold solution included will produce a cobalt hardened 24K - Type 1 & 2, grade C gold deposit. This is the gold we use for electronic and technical applications where durability, conductivity, and solderability is important.

To order or if you have any questions, call Chris Edwards ( at 847-797-9250 or visit our online store.

PCB Outsourced Rework

Point to point soldering and PCB Rework

If you are in need of contracted PCB rework and repair services - either you need the work of artisans or you would rather have your people working on something else, then let BEST be your outsourced rework provider. We guarantee our workmanship and our delivered yield to you will be 100%. 

Contact Laura Ripoli ( at 224-387-3255 to learn more about our rework services! 

Register Now!

We have scheduled IPC Certified IPC Trainer (CIT) courses at our Auburn Hills facility in Michigan that are coming up and filling quickly! The following courses are scheduled:


September 13 - 16

November 1 - 4


October 3 - 7

December 3 - 7

If you are interested in registering, visit our registration page or please contact Alex Conley ( at 224-387-3256.



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