February 2018



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February 2018 

Dear Electronics Colleague -

We're very excited about the new year.  We've been working hard to expand our capabilities with state-of-the-art equipment and adding some highly talented staff to our team.  This is to better meet and exceed your expectations on the challenges you trust us to solve.  Please don't be shy to let us know specifically how we can better serve you.  If it's been a while since you've worked with us, give us a call or email and ask "What's New?"

Best Regards,


Dan Patten 


High Volume Rework

Many times a very large rework project may not make a lot of sense. The labor costs are more than 50% of the board material costs, or the job is too large to get through in the required timing.

BEST has recently added a semi-automatic rework machine that can both deposit paste/flux as well as place parts at high speed. This new capability is meant for projects requiring the replacement of passive devices, BGAs/QFNs on a single board, or multiple boards. Find out more on our website.

Contact Laura Ripoli ( at 224-387-3255 with any questions.


BEST recently launched its TapeShapes program for taking some of the labor out of masking and de-masking for conformal coating.  Sheets of 3M 401, Kapton™ and other tapes are precision laser cut from sheet stock. The patterns can be generated either from user files or BEST Inc. can generate them in a few days. 

Call Chris Edwards for more information or look



Upcoming Class - SMT Boot Camp

BEST announces that Phil Zarrow, electronics industry subject matter expert, will be our guest lecturer for the SMT Boot Camp to be held March 19-21. This 3 day course will feature the entire assembly process: board fabrication, print, place, reflow, clean, test and coating. In only the way Phil can, real world examples will be presented in the 2 day lecture. Day 3 brings a hands-on portion to the training as students will build an SMT board and learn how to print, place, and reflow on their own. The training also features a local "field trips" that include a board house and a PCB assembly business. We'll even buy you lunch at a typical Chicago eatery!

Point to point soldering and PCB Rework

Please contact Alex Conley ( at 224-387-3256 if you are interested.

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