Selecting a PCB Rework Specialist – Grilling Details That Need to Be Addressed

May 5th 2021

The high demand for PCB-based electronic devices has also increased the demand for high-quality PCB rework services. As printed circuit board assemblies become more complex than ever, the need for manufacturing companies to find high-quality PCB repair and rework experts becomes more urgent. Companies can carry out basic PCB rework procedures in-house. PCB cleaning or removing the conformal coating on PCBs are basic tasks that can be handled in-house.

But, when production schedules are tight and there’s a high risk of downtime, it’s much better for manufacturing companies to have practiced third-party technicians on their payroll. The best third-party PCB reworkspecialists can easily discover the root causes of PCB failures, analyze the extent of the damages, and carry out appropriate rework procedures. These experts ensure that the PCB assembly functions accurately once it’s reinstalled. More significantly, these experts can guarantee that your PCBs won’t fail again a couple of months down the road.

In-house technicians can’t provide these guarantees. That’s why third-party rework specialists who follow stringent safety and quality guidelines are in high demand. Factories can potentially save millions annually by partnering with a reliable rework specialist. But, selecting the right specialists to fix your faulty PCB assemblies is a challenging procedure. Here’s how plant managers can address their anxieties about the quality of craftsmanship their third-party rework specialists provide.

Selecting PCB Rework Experts

These are the criteria that should direct your selection of third-party rework specialists -

Experience and Skills

PCB rework is an extremely labor-intensive process. Without advanced technical knowledge and skilled handiwork, it’s impossible to conduct high-quality rework. Third-party rework companies are service-centric. Their success is purely based on the skills of their rework technicians. So, plant managers or manufacturing companies must assess the third-party rework specialist’s –

Time-Efficiency - Ability to deliver high-quality rework services while meeting challenging deadlines.

Experience - Rework providers who have been in the business for several decades are easier to trust. There must be various reasons behind their continual success.

Skills – Can the rework specialists remanufacture unsalvageable components? Can they help their clients implement cost-efficient end-of-life (EOL) strategies on failing components? Check out the skills and services your rework specialists promise to offer.


An obvious factor that plant managers need to consider is what certifications/credentials are attached to the rework firm’s staff members. Make sure the rework/repair experts have at least five years of experience in this particular field. The workers also need to be IPC-certified and qualified in electrostatic-discharge (ESD) processes. Expertise in IPC’s repair and rework standards is vital for handling advanced processor circuits. So, make sure that all rework/repairs are performed in accordance with IPC guidelines, the IPC-7711/7721 guidelines in particular.

Access to High-Quality Equipment

Up-to-date testing and inspection instruments can transform three-day rework projects into one-day projects. So, partnering with rework specialists who have invested in state-of-the-art equipment is vital. By using the latest equipment, rework specialists aren’t just able to diagnose failing PCB components quickly. They’re also able to provide other value-added technical services like testing the performance of the reworked boards or providing convenient warranties.

Is your third-party rework specialist eager to meet these criteria? If not, keep searching!