Ball Grid Array Rework And Repair Process From The Certified Technicians

Ball Grid Array Rework And Repair Process From The Certified Technicians

Posted by Staff - Soldertraining on Apr 11th 2023

BGA or the Ball Grid Array devices are normally the types of surface-mount packaging. So these are widely used in integrated circuits, and they are mounted permanently in the microprocessors. The BGA will be a suitable option for providing better interconnection pins. These could be extensively put in the flat packages more, even the dual in-line systems.

In the modern day, BGA devices have been widely mass-produced, so they require reworking for various reasons. The rework bga system will be a suitable option to easily save the design with avoiding any costly expenses. There is no need to avail the new board building as it could require more money in the process.

High Efficient BGA Rework:

In most cases, the processor along with the components could easily get scratched and contaminated by the solder. These especially require to be re-plated to ensure they provide complete functional units. BEST is the leading in providing the complete rework process for the BGA and bringing a completely new option for the systems.

The electroplating process used in the systems will be completely reliable, so they will be efficient for restoring the damaged contacts. These would be completely functional with durability and conductivity.

Missing or damaged BGA pads will be one of the major issues in the BGA sites, so these would require the ball grid array to be repaired. It is a much easier process and saves you more time. Normally, these pads will be replaced with the IPC-recommended procedure. The system uses specially fabricated adhesive-backed pads in the BGA.

Save Your Design:

Repairing the damaged solder mask between the BGA pads along with connecting the vias is one of the important aspects. These will extensively prevent the solder from flowing down the vias on the BGA pad. It is most important for accomplishing even prior to replacing the BGA. These would extensively save you more time in replacing the BGA process.

Having the standard jumper wire is helpful for requiring modification or changing the BGA site. These also fit under the BGA components and assure in providing the modification or repair with flat copper ribbon.

BGA Repair or Rework would be extensive, allowing easy saving of the design. This also involves avoiding any costly expenses for building another board. In 2023, most of the chip packages are provided with passive footprints like 0201, Pressfit, 01005, POP, 0603, and 0402.

BGA Rework Procedures:

BEST is the leading in providing the complete replacement or repair of the BGA and other grid array devices. It will be a perfect option for the engineers to develop a unique process for making any BGA repair and rework.

The process is completely reliable and consistent in all attributes. Reworking BGAs especially requires proper inspection, and it is important to be equipped with the latest packages, techniques and styles.

BGA repair and rework will be an extensively suitable way to save the design, so you need to remove the components in the PCB. It is important to remove residual and excess solder.


The BGA needs to be reballed to provide the exact product. Excess solder can be easily removed so the PCB and its components are re-soldered as well as reattached. BEST is the leading in leveraging the industry experience with a commitment to customer service.