Dear Electronics Assembly Colleague:
During March every year the University of IL at Champaign/Urbana holds an engineering open house. The purpose of this event is to attract scientists in to the field of engineering. Thousands of middle and high schoolers in the area come to learn about engineering. We took a carload of young men on campus and they really enjoyed the wind tunnel demo, the 3 million pound pull tester capable of crushing a 4 ft high test sample of concrete, the micro electronics lab, the demonstration of cell-cell networks and the crowd-pleasing tesla coil concert given outdoors during the evening ("Frankenstein" from the Edgar Winter Group below)

All the best,
Bob Wettermann
Bob Wettermann
President, BEST Inc.



Semi Automatic Device Reballing -Gentle on Packages

BGA Reballing Semiautomated Method

With the recent addition of new scavenging systems, BEST can provide more gentle treatment of your BGAs during the deballing operation. This non-contact method does not have the potential to scratch the mask NOR does it take the die to elevated temperatures. Review this semi automated process here and call Laura Ripoli at (847) 797-9250 if we can assist you with any reballing projects.

FREE Webinar on NEW IPC-A-620 Spec Rev "B" Released

IPC-A-610 Rev B Changes Webinar Invite

IPC has released version "B" of the IPC-A-620 Requirements and Acceptance for Cable and Wire Harness Assemblies. Sign up for the FREE BEST 1 hr webinar to learn about the changes by calling 847-797-9250 or sending us an email.

BEST Welcomes Alex
BEST recently added to its ranks Alex Conley as a training/products marketing assistant. Alex has a background in audio (he was a DJ, is an avid music fan and plays guitar).  He hails from the Northern IL area and is a recent graduate from Western Illinois University. He will be working with our training  and soldering tools clients.
BGA Rework-Device Removal

The proper, careful removal of a BGA is important in the BGA rework process. Success and knowledge gained in this step will lessen the chances for site repair and improve the reflow process once a replacement BGA is placed onto the PCB. See more info here.

New High Tech Way to Shield Components from Heat
BEST is pleased to present a new high tech simple way to protect electronic components during the reflow process. Our new Heatshield(TM) product can be cut to size and affixed onto a PCB using Kapton tape.

Unlike pieces of FR4, soft drink cans and other methods, it is effective, simple and flexible.

More info or place order here
Used APR-5000 Rework System Includes Training!
Looking for a solid BGA rework system but don't wanti to purchase new?

BEST has an APR-5000 XL rework system for sale. We can offer training with the machine. Send us an email if interested.


Geek Vacab

Blowing Your Buffer

"(blowing yur buFr)" which is a verb phrase.

The vocabulary you use tells others your level of intellect.


when someone keeps talking or distracting you so that you loose your sequence of thought


"Darn, you made me blow my bluffer because you kept rambling on about the missed deadline."

Trivia Contest-March '13
The 1st person who replies with the correct answer will win a set of Koss earbuds.
Question for March '13: What is the name of the celestial object which is the only asteroid to reach Level 4 on the 10-level
Torino Scale that measures the likelihood of collisions and may crash in to the earth in the year MMXXIX.

Congratulations to Ge Wang of Northrop for being the first person to recognize that many Russians have "dash cams" as people are untrustworthy in traffic court and these help to collect evidence.
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