Jan 2013


Dear Electronics Assembly Colleague:
Over the winter break we had lots of down time. One evening we had the opportunity to go in to downtown Chicago to view the Lincoln Park zoo lights. There were lots of animals and people out. It was a festive display of lights,

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Coming events where BEST teaching should be on your calendar :

IPC APEX-Advanced Package Rework-Mier, Barnhart and Wettermann February 18th. The invite is here:)

Apex 2013 Advanced Rework Invite

All the best in the new year!
Bob Wettermann
President, BEST Inc.

Training and Certification Calendar

BEST has posted its 1st half solder training and certification schedule for 2013. This calendar includes both IPC and other BEST classes through the end of June 2013. Training locations include Chicago, Minneapolis, Cleveland, and Huntsville.

There are a variety of methods to be employed in facing these challenging rework projects.

The complete calendar can be found here.

Call Katy Radcliff to discuss your training needs or if you

want to get the training on the books in 2012 for credit in 2013

at (847) 797-9250.

BGA rework, the process of placement
BGA Rework-Placement

After removal and site dressing has been completed the replacement BGA (reballed or new) needs to be placed in the removed location. It is important that the device is properly aligned and gently placed using the proper technique. The above teaching session was from a recent webinar entitled "BGA Rework-A Primer".

NEW IPC-A-620 Spec Rev "B" Released
IPC-A-610 Rev B Changes Webinar Invite

IPC has released version "B" of the IPC-A-620 Requirements and Acceptance for Cable and Wire Harness Assemblies. Sign up for the FREE BEST 1 hr webinar to learn about the changes by calling 847-797-9250 or sending an email to


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Get your the new version of the WHMA/IPC-A-620
The IPC-A-620 Criteria for the wire harnesses and cable assemblies was updated in the 4th quarter of 2012. Do you already have your copy? In order to get one place your order here.
This is FAST!
Soldering Challenge
BEST One of our instructors completely solders a fine-pitched QFP in place. See what it means to have the right tools for the right job at the SolderingGeek channel.
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We bet that you do not know of too many companies with their own fanfares. Listen to the BEST one here