Dec2011 Vol. 2, Iss. 47


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If you want to make your own fun over the holidays look at the LED project at the bottom of this newsletter.

My wife and I recently had the chance to go back to our Alma Mater for a football game (after a 25 year absence). We really enjoyed the crowd, the excitement and the band. We did not like the product on the field eventhough the Illini put on a good fight in the first half.

Illini v WI FBall Game

Check out our invitation video to an IPC advanced reworks topic seminar we will be teaching at i San Diego...... 

APEX 2012 Advanced Rework Invitation

APEX 2012 Advanced Rework Invitation

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Wishing you a Merry Christmas a Happy, Healthy New Year!

Bob Wettermann
President, BEST Inc.


Planning Your 2012 Training Dates 
New BEST Logo

BEST has released its first half of 2012 training schedule.
Training dates have been scheduled in the following areas:
Chicago IL
Minneapolis MN
Washington DC Area
Huntsville, AL and
Chattanooga, TN
The PDF version can be found here

We look forward to discussing how we can be of service in 2012!

Call Katy Radcliff at (847) 797-9250 to discuss details.

Electronic Christmas Tree Ornaments
New BEST Logo

This micro-readerboard Christmas tree ornament displays a short message, one letter at a time, on a bright single-character alphanumeric LED display. In the animation here, the ornament is displaying the word "ornament." 

Each ornament can be pre-programmed with a list of 36 different short phrases. Every time that an ornament is switched off and back on, it picks a new message from its memory to repeat. 

Get information on how to build these ornaments here

WIN an Amazon Kindle Fire
Kindle Fire
First time orders placed in  December and January (2 of them!) with a value of at least $100.00 on

will be registered to
an Amazon Kindle Fire! Our November winner was an OHIO customer!


"cuh-SEEK" which is a noun.


The vocabulary you use tells others your level of intellect.




A local political boss  



"About a month after Mayor Daley announced his retirement, many aldermen are still too stunned to know how to function without being bossed. 'Not being told what to do by the cacique is new to a lot of people,' Mr. Munoz said."

NEW Trainer Joins BEST
Ruffin Blackard BEST MIT
Ruffin Blackard, a highly experienced Master Instructor (8+ years) has joined the BEST instructor staff. Welcome Ruffin.
EZReball(TM) Custom Reballing Preforms Ordered On Line
PCB inspection training tool
Now you can order a fully configurable EZReball(TM) reballing preform right form the new web site. Find out more info on the EZReball(TM) here.