Oct 2011 Vol. 2, Iss. 45


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We had big fun a few weeks ago shooting skeet. Both 12 and 20 gauge shotguns were used to blast the little orange skeets (near the end my son hit 2 out of 10). The "big boys (teen boys) and their dads had fun!  If you want to make your own fun look at the DIY microscope project at the bottom of this newsletter. 


Thanks for all of the attendees visiting us this week at the SMTAI show in Dallas.   

See our company interview in the PCB007 magazine.

We look forward to being with you at the following events:


SMTAI Webtorial "Rework Challenges". These challenges from a parts package perspective includes "BGA rework, POP rework, BTC rework, high thermal mass board rework, ultra fine package rework and RF shield rework". This is a 2-parter on October 25th and November 1st.  More info here


IPC Online webinar on "Rework of High Thermal Mass Boards" is scheduled for December 13th


Hope to see or hear from you at one of these events!
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Bob Wettermann
President, BEST Inc.


PCB Inspector Certification/Training 

Based on demand from its customers, BEST now offers 2 ways to get PRACTICAL certification and training of your inspectors.


A. All IPC-A-610 certifications from BEST now feature an add-on BEST module for the inspection of PCB assemblies. All IPC-A-610 candidates, whether CIT or CIS, will be given boards with induced defects to review. If the candidate passes this time-sensitive testing satisfactorily then a BEST certificate will be issued.


B. A one day inspector review from BEST can augment existing in-house training as inspectors will gain insite on how to inspect boards, what defects to look for. Time will be spent x-raying both BTCs and BGAs in order to learn to pick out defects. Students should already know the IPC-A-610 specification.  


This is a practical way to test your inspector/s and develop new strategies for visual inspection to increase outgoing QC levels. 


Call Katy Radcliff at (847) 797-9250 to discuss details.  


iPhone Microscope Takes Pictures  

Mod is Less than $10.00 !  


                  iphone Microscope

  This DIY project will let you take pictures at up to 12x. The videos for this project, a complete BOM list including where to purchase the materials can be found here



WIN an Amazon Kindle Fire
Kindle Fire
First-time orders placed in October, November and December (3 of them!) with a value of at least $100.00 on
will be registered to win an Amazon Kindle Fire!


"KEE-ning" which is a noun.


The vocabulary you use tells others your level of intellect.




A wailing lament for the dead 



"Of all the closures of independent stores that have left hundreds of British high streets a book-free wilderness, none has given rise to more celebrity keening than the imminent demise of The Travel Bookshop. "

"THE BUG" for Electronics Assembly and Inspection Training
This is a plastic over sized electronics component you can use in the classroom to help explain what a proper solder joint needs to look like! See morehere !
NEW store for rework and repair at
BEST recently opened its new PCB rework and repair store. It will make both new and long time BEST customers happy as it features:
- Embedded "How To" videos on the usage of the products
- Fully configurable custom product orders can be placed 24/7 including StencilQuik(TM), EZReball(TM) preforms AND prototype metal stencils
- Account login for simplifying returning customers thereby saving you precious time
- Easy search tools for finding that product you need
Let us know how you like it!