X-Ray Services

If you are an EMS provider or OEM of electronic/electrical components or sub-assemblies incorporating plastics, metals, ceramics or any combination of these, BEST Inc. can offer you knowledgeable PCB and other x-ray inspection services. BEST's many years of experiences (20+ years) in these fields let us make the claim to being an outsourced solution for your PCB inspection needs. We are experts at BGA and leadless device rework meaning we can provide x-ray imaging services for BGA's.

In the electronics field we have helped contract manufacturers and OEMs lacking x-ray capabilities to be their outsourced x-ray inspection source. We have also supported aerospace, automotive, pharmaceutical industries and many more inspecting the electronic assemblies. Samples examined range from the latest semiconductor package, battery packs to a detonation devices. At times we are asked to be a contract sorting arm either based on the latest IPC specifications or based on the pass/fail criteria x-ray inspection criteria developed by you. We can also provide diagnostic services such as analyzing and annotating PCB x-ray pictures or "driving" around the PCB with commentary and delivering this movie to you.

Our certified and trained IPC inspectors will be able to optimize the systems to gain the best X-ray results and may be able to offer both advice and solutions when these faults are detected in inspection. Our x-ray capabilities are first rate as we have helped a variety of product and process developers, R and D staff and forensic investigators complete their work. Not only does BEST employ knowledgeable and experienced x-ray technicians but we have state-of-the-art x-ray systems that is powerful enough for even backplane imaging. With a very small spot size, oblique angle viewing and various built-in software functions such as hole fill calculations BEST can be your resource for PCB-x-ray inspection.

BEST x-ray results can be supplied as jpegs, mpegs or even in easy-to-interpret reports or complete data sets. We can also provide you with real time x-ray analysis of printed circuit boards. We can also offer short training sessions which would enable you to operate the X-ray systems and carry out your own inspection at our facility near Chicago IL.

BEST can offer non-destructive testing through x-ray analysis. When you need to investigate a component the simple act of disassembling the part can destroy any evidence within the sample and no valuable information is gathered. X-ray inspection can provide valuable information on the part, and is often used for evaluation of the process without requiring dis-assembly or destructive testing.

Contract work is also the ideal way to make use of the latest X-ray (we have the latest Nikon system) when capital investment in an X-ray and CT inspection system is not an option.