November 2015


Final Star Wars Trivia



December 2015

Dear Electronics Colleague:

Thanks for your continued support throughout 2015. Wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas!

          Solder geek at Christmas

We have been invited back to APEX this year to teach the following class:

BGA, QFN and Miniature Device Rework.

Also we will presenting the following paper:

Stainless steel vs Plastic Film w/Adhesive Backing Stencil Performance

Our family went to the the GA Tech/GA game in Atlanta over Thanksgiving.  They are true tailgating professionals in the south!

All the best in 2016,


Bob Wettermann

President, BEST Inc.


PCB Pad Repair Kit



When pads get lifted via rework or "touch up" this kit offers a variety of patterns epoxy and tools in order to facilitate the repair or replacement of pads.



Schedule IPC Certification or Recertification

2016 Training Schedule

The BEST Inc. 2016 Training Schedule is released! Click here to view the schedule. You can also view the schedule 

here on our website.

Contact Alex Conley ( at 847-797-9250 with any training questions, or if you would like to register for a course.

Professional Soldering and Rework   


BEST Inc. can handle your complex soldering and rework tasks (like the pictured complex jumper wire example).

Whether you need complex projects resourced, you need to offload larger projects, or require a high degree of skill on a project where it is critical to have it done correctly-call BEST Inc.

Contact Laura Ripoli at (847) 797-9250 for more information or send a request for quotation to



Star Wars Trivia Contest
December 2015


This is the final question to qualify for the light saber drawing  in coordination with the expected release date of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, which opens December 18, 2015 (yah-I have my tickets-do you?).

At the end of the year, all winners (right answer within (1) day of the question coming out, not just that months' winner) will be eligible to win a working light saber.  

December's Trivia Question
Abc, a right angle triangle was given in which angle c is 90 degrees. ad=3 and bc=4. bc is bisected at the midpoint by d. Given that the perimeter of triangle abd is equal to the perimeter of triangle adc.  Calculate the dc:bd ratio. 

Question for November 2015:
  Calculate the time it takes the crocodile to swim the shortest distance possible (in meters)?  

Joe from Textron solved the problem. The answer was 9.8 seconds (full solution is available-it was sent to all who responded)



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