May 2014

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May 2014


Dear Electronics Colleague:

Some of the BEST employees had a great time running up the Hancock building in Chicago recently. We raised money for lung cancer research while catching our breath over 90 
plus floors. 

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Bob Wettermann

President, BEST Inc.

See our new mascot-the Soldergeek below! 

Bare Board Rework Eliminates Some Board "Spins"   

  Before Ablation                             Before                               Solder Mask Ablated

If you need to have traces cut, pads added, solder mask ablated, boards machined to exacting specs or conductors added then BEST can be your source. We can quickly modify existing boards, eliminating the wait on a board re-spin, and the scrapping of many existing boards that are unusable.  

BEST can cut down on your board spins and can save lots of WIP from the scrap pile. 

Call Laura Ripoli at (847)797-9250 or email her at to get a sample of BEST workmanship. 

BEST Develops GOLD Plated Contact Fingers/Pads for Repair 

  Nickel Gold Ckt Frame    


BEST has further developed its lineup of circuit frames to include both nickel / gold plated as well as 2oz copper versions.

Like its other circuit frames, BEST Inc can custom manufacture, with no tooling costs, these circuit frames, thereby facilitating faster mass or repetitive PCB repairs.

Call Katy Radcliff at 01-847-797-9250 for more details.

PCBVac(TM) for Flux Removal  


BEST has developed one of those tools that you'll have to have on your PCB rework and repair work bench-the new PCBVac(TM).

This is a handheld tool which can vacuum off liquids such as liquid flux from a PCB board. In addition, cleaning solution or other liquids can be removed. Think of it as a shop vac for your electronics workbench.

The PCBVac(TM) system is very simple. It connects to your workbench air system for its vacuum power. An ON/OFF switch and a muffled venturi will provide a powerful but quiet resource for the vacuum. Teflon tips can be cut to size just like a tip from a calk tube for differing air flows and sizes of the vacuum source.


How to Use the NEW Best Epoxy Burst Pack 
Epoxy Burst Bag Usage Demo 
Epoxy Burst Bag Usage Demo
Check out the videos on our YouTube channel -Solderinggeek. This video demonstrates the use of the new single use burst pack for the epoxy/resin used in PCB repairs whether they be pad or trace repair, laminate repair or mask repair.
Find this video and more on the BEST YouTube channel  
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