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I recently had the privilege of being a judge at the IL state science fair. If you want your child to gain public speaking experience, be introduced to the scientific method and hang out for the day with other great students I recommend investing the time with your kids in this endeavor!

Do not forget to see us at the following upcoming regional exhibits:

Tuesday May 19th Detroit Area 

Thursday, May TH June 9th  Minneapolis

Wednesday, May 22nd Huntsville 

At the Detroit show, BEST will be discussing BGA and leadless device rework practices.

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Bob Wettermann
President, BEST Inc.

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This package is a challenge to rework. It easily warps, the pitch is very tight and the stacked package makes inspection very challenging. BEST is able to rework POPs such as these as we have processed numerous different OMAP POPs on a variety of different customer products.  


Call Laura Ripoli at (847) 797-9250 to discuss your project. 

BEST Partners with RCBI

Mid Atlantic Professional Solder Training 

Solder training and IPC certification training is now available from BEST for those in Pennsylvania, Virginia, Maryland, Washington D.C and North Carolina. BEST has partnered with a votech skills training provider which has a professional solder training facility to bring solder training to the Mid-Atlantic area. The Robert Byrd Technical Center is nestled in a beautiful hilly area just outside Washington D.C. The BEST trainers along with the professional atmosphere of the Robert Byrd Technical Center brings this training closer to you.

Our schedule is listed below: IPC J-STD Inst Cert
June 6-10, July 11-15, Oct 3-7 
IPC J-STD-001 Inst Recert
June 23-24,Aug 25-26, Dec 8-9 
IPC A-610 Inst Cert
June 14-17, Aug 16-19, Oct 18-21
IPC A-610 Inst Recert
June 21-22, Aug 23-24, Dec 6-7
IPC A-620 Inst Cert
July 26-29, Dec 13-16
IPC A-620 Inst Recert
June 2-3, Oct 27-28
IPC 7711/21 Inst Cert
Sept 12-16, Nov 7-11
IPC 7711/21 Inst Recert
Aug 30-31, Nov 22-2
IPC A-620 Oper Cert
June 29-July 1, Nov 2-4
IPC J-STD-001 Oper Cert
May 16-20, July 18-22, Sept 19-23, Nov 14-18
IPC A-610 Cert
May 24-26,  Aug 9-11, Oct 11-13, Nov 29-Dec 1
Call Katy at BEST at (847) 797-9250 for more information. 


Simple Tips for Improving Your Gas Mileage

Keep tires inflated. Gas mileage can be improved up 3.3% by keeping them at the proper pressure. All of the talk about Nitrogen-filled tires is baloney. Send me the $30 instead of the nitrogen fillingstation  and check your tire pressure every 3-4t fillups.

Use the right oil. Incorrect oil can reduce the gas mileage by 1-2%

Keep your engine properly tuned can save up to 4%.

Drive sensibly. At highway speeds racing, constant lane changing and aggressive driving can lead to up to a 33% decrease in gas mileage.

See National Lampoon's version of gas-saving tips below:
AAA Gas Saving Tips
AAA Gas Saving Tips

TI OMAP Rework
Mid Atlantic Solder Training
Improving Your Gas Mileage
Metal Stencils
BGA Reballing Preforms
PCB Repair Kit
BEST SMT Metal Stencils

BEST can deliver your metal SMT stencils in a variety of configurations. Our process expertise and our higher nickel content material insure a high-quality print for your SMT assembly operation. 


Call Katy Radcliff at (847) 797-9250.


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VOCAB- Word of the Month


"DAN-dl" which is a verb.

The vocabulary you use tells others your level of intellect.


To move someone (child) lightly up and down as ones' knee or arm 

"If you have a child dandle him or her up and down on your knee while singing them a happy song. "
PCB Repair Kit
PCB Repair Kit

For PCB repair needs BEST offers a complete starter kit for both SMT as well as throughhole repairs.Use this kit along with BEST soldering tips to perform repairs on your own or to make board modifications.

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