MARCH 2018




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March 2018 

Dear Electronics Colleague -

Since it's March, that means Spring Break here at the Patten household. My family and I just got back from an amazing trip out to California. The itinerary included a day at Universal Studios in L.A. and then a train ride up the coast to San Francisco to find the perfect skateboard. As my son said, "It was rad!"

Best Regards,


Dan Patten 


Where is solder training?

The BEST headquarters is located in Rolling Meadows, Illinois, right outside of Chicago. BEST also has locations in Detroit, Minneapolis, and Cleveland. Onsite training at your facility is available as well!

The BEST 2018 Training Schedule shows the various courses and the dates they're being held. If none of the dates work with your schedule, we can be flexible!

Contact Alex Conley ( at 224-387-3256 with any scheduling questions.

Flex Circuit Depaneling

There are several challenges that can be overcome by depanelization of flex circuits using the laser machining. First is the challenge of fixturing the panel, which due to the nature and thickness of Kapton or other insulating film, makes it difficult to get clean cut lines. Secondly, flex and rigid boards have multiple types of materials to cut through including the Kapton, copper and rigid board. This makes having the right cutting tool necessary. Read and see more about how BEST meets these challenges here.

Contact Laura Ripoli ( at 224-387-3255 with any questions.


Custom ESD Foam Cutouts

Is it worth protecting your static-sensitive product? It may be the only electronic device of its kind. Maybe you are presenting a first article for approval and want to impress your customer? Perhaps you cannot risk bubble wrap destroying the electronic assembly or PCB and need custom cut ESD foam?

BEST can provide your custom foam cutting insert needs. Whether you have an anti-static (pink) or non-ESD foam packaging material that needs to be cut- we can be your source! We will cut the foam per your drawing, or if you need the design and fabrication completed, we can do that as well. BEST will then ship to your designated location within a few days!

Contact Products Manager Chris Edwards ( at 847-797-9250 if you have any questions and if you'd like to place an order.

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