June 2014


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June 2014

Inspiring Bike Rider

Dear Electronics Colleague:

A few weekends ago I was truly inspired by some fellow bicycle riders in a local "Ride 2 Recovery" series of rides. The purpose of the ride was to honor veterans and help raise funds to get them in to "non-traditional" bicycles. One of the men led us for the first 14 miles and had but one arm to power his vehicle. However , the most impressive part was his attitude. He was an upbeat, optimistic can-do guy. I was reminded that we wake up every morning and decide based on our attitude what the outlook of our day is going to be. Let us all  be positive and possess an attitude of gratitude and be positive role models for those whom we meet. 

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Bob Wettermann

President, BEST Inc.

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Fine Wire Laser Stripping  



BEST can provide ultra fine wire precision stripping or precision window pane services. Our laser technicians can guide you through the process parameters and generate samples.

Call Laura Ripoli at (847)797-9250 or email her at to see how we can be of assistance on your wire stripping project. 

PCB Pad Repair-Epoxy method is proven to be superior  


One of the questions that companies large and small have asked us is, "How good is the epoxy that you use?" or "How does your dry film stand up to to the other company's dry film?" There are several studies that BEST has been a part of to compare the pull strength of a repaired pad, using either method to test the original strength of the adhesive bond. In addition BEST has run side-side comparisons of the adhesive strength of the BEST dry film versus that of the competitor. These are referenced below.

The bottom line is both methods are referenced in the IPC-7721 "Repair of Printed Circuit Boards" specification. As a service BEST defaults to the epoxy method which yields the best results.

One of the studies comparing the pull strength can be found here, and another here.

Call Katy Radcliff at 01-847-797-9250 for more details.

PCBVac(TM) for Remnant Coating Material Removal  


BEST has developed one of those tools that you'll have to have on your PCB rework and repair work bench-the new PCBVac(TM).

This is a handheld tool which can vacuum off solids such as the coating being scraped off of PCB boards. In addition, cleaning solutions or other liquids can be removed.

The PCBVac(TM) system is very simple. It connects to your workbench air system for its vacuum power. An ON/OFF switch and a muffled venturi will provide a powerful but quiet resource for the vacuum. Teflon tips can be cut to size just like a tip from a caulk tube for differing air flows and sizes of the vacuum source.

New Teaching Video Explains the Differences between the Class I, II and III Electronic Assemblies
Differences between Class 2 and CLass 3 Electronic Assemblies 
Check out the videos on our YouTube channel -Solderinggeek. This video teaches you about the different classes of electronic assemblies. By knowing this specification you will know what the expectations are in terms of acceptability of the attributes of the  assembly. 
Find this video and more on the BEST YouTube channel  
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