January 2017






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January 2017 

Dear Electronics Colleague -

Happy New Year!

We sure hit the ground running after a nice little break and greatly appreciate all of you for making that possible. As we gear up for APEX in San Diego, we invite you to the following sessions:

Advanced Rework: Hands-on BGA Reballing and Leadless Devices

When: Monday, Feb. 13, 2017

Presenter: Norman Mier, MIT, Senior Tech. Trainer

Rework 2: Hand Printing Using Nano-Coated and Other High End Stencil Materials

When: Thursday, Feb. 16, 2017

Presenter: Bob Wettermann, MIT, President

More info on APEX tech sessions here:


mail us at

BEST Instructors Norman Mier and James Barnhart talk APEX

BEST Instructors Norman Mier and James Barnhart talk APEX

Wishing a healthy and successful New Year!

Best wishes for 2017,


Dan Patten 


"How to Solder" Training Kit

If you are teaching brand new soldering techs about the basics of soldering, then the Learning How to Solder kit is for you. It features both through-hole and SMT parts, as well as a "real" PCB with ground plains that emulate real life soldering situations. No more of those cheap "pretend" boards that do not represent the real world!


These kits are also used in the BEST Soldering 101 course. In the course, students are introduced to the knowledge and hands-on skills for placing both through-hole and surface mount technologies. The student will be exposed to classroom lecture and hands-on skill development. 

For any questions regarding the kit or the Soldering 101 course, please contact Alex Conley ( at 224-387-3256.

RF Shield Rework

BEST has expertise on RF shield rework. We have processed thousands of different RF shields-both one, two and three piece designs. BEST can either perform the final shield placement after testing without disturbing the integrity of the shield OR remove a shield and replace it after reworking an underlying component.

If you have any questions, please contact Laura Ripoli ( at 224-387-3255.



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