January 2014


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Jan 2014


Dear Electronics Colleague:

2014 has started with a roar. The electronics industry came off an exciting CES featuring the new "hot spot"-your car as the innovations in electronics keep on coming. A group of scientists from my alma mater, the University of Illinois, used "Kickstarter" to crowd fund an innovative way of developing circuits, teaching STEM curriculum and hacking electronics hardware design.  This is a new way to breadboard and develop hardware. Check out the full link here. We will be providing some teaching using these tools some time this year after the first products are commercialized. Finally, we installed several new analytical tools that make sure that we can continue to serve you as geometries shrink and devices get more complicated. 

Wishing a Healthy and Successful New Year!  


Bob Wettermann

President, BEST Inc.

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New High 1um Spot Size X-Ray Installed at BEST 

BGA Tilt rotate around open balls

BEST recently installed a new X-Ray system for x-ray inspection. This tools can "see" different PoP levels, microcracks in BGA balls, measure hole fill and automatically scan a board for fast AXI of your products.  

In the near future BEST will be hosting a mini tech symposium (so you can see the live x-ray images) on X-RAY inspection. Look for details. 

Call Laura Ripoli at (847)797-9250 or email her  at to see how we can be of assistance in your x-ray needs.

BEST Releases Kapton(TM) Stencils for DIY'rs,  Hobbyists 

BEST now provides high quality plastic film stencils for the DIY, home hobbyist and student markets.  Each stencil is part of kit which includes a high qulaity Kapton(TM) stencil, board holders and a squeegee.  Stencils can be orderd in 4,5 and 6 mil thicknesses.

Orders are shipped 24 hours after check plot approval from Chicago.  
To order your custom prototype stencil, ($45) contact or call (847) 797-9250 if you would like to give the BEST professionals a try!
Check out Video Series on QFNs from Technical Symposium 
Reliability of BTCs
Reliability of BTCs
Check out the videos on our YouTube channel -Solderinggeek- from the recent BEST symposium on bottom terminated components. There is a series of (5) sessions featuring Q/A at the end of the session. 
Find this video and more on the BEST YouTube channel  
Underfilling BGAs
New 1um Resolution Inspection Tool Installed

Trivia Contest-Jan'14


BEST to Train via Telepresence Beginning in 2017

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