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Dear Electronics Assembly Colleague:
As part of my ongoing cultural education of my son we recently went to a Led Zepplin tribute concert playing 3 hours of Led Zepplin classics. This band featured the son of arguably one rock's best drummers seen here. It was great show in which the younger musicians did justice to the Zoso sound.

All the best,
Bob Wettermann
Bob Wettermann
President, BEST Inc.



FREE Webinar on NEW IPC-A-620 Spec Rev "B" Released

IPC-A-610 Rev B Changes Webinar Invite

IPC has released version "B" of the IPC-A-620 Requirements and Acceptance for Cable and Wire Harness Assemblies. Sign up for the FREE BEST 1 hr webinar to learn about the changes by calling 847-797-9250 or sending us an email.

Non Contact Solder Excavation

BEST recently added to its capability set a method for excavating solder from a device or on a PCB. This is an programmable non-contact excavation system which can be used in a variety of applications such as......

a.)  Reducing the number of reflow cycles a BGA die is exposed to upon
b.)  Reduce potential pad and laminate damage by not coming in to contact with the PCB
c.)  Be able to excavate solder from a plated throughole of a heavy thermal mass board
d.)  Be able to automate the rework process for very high volume PCB assemblies cost effectively 

Call Laura Ripoli at (847) 797-9250 to see how this may help on you next rework project.  

BGA Rework-Inspection

BGA REWORK - The Process of Inspection

After device placement the BGA site needs to be inspected and meet the criteria established for the assembly. This criteria can be established either as being in IPC-A-610 or a home grown one with the use of IPC-7095. Review more information on inspection here.

Need IPC-A-600 Training?
BEST now offers IPC-A-600 training at its Rolling Meadows locations (we can also come to you). The CIS classes for this inspection of unpopulated PCBs (designed for incoming acceptance inspection) are as follows:

    March 25-27, June 10-12

The class also consists of a tour of a local board shop which will show the student how the boards are fabricated.

Call Katy at (847) 797-9250 or via email 
Used APR-5000 Rework System Includes Training!
Looking for a solid BGA rework system but not wanting to buy new?

BEST has an APR-5000 rework system for sale. We can offer training with the machine. Send us an email if interested.


Geek Vocab


"(dilburted)" which is a verb.

The vocabulary you use tells others your level of intellect.


to be exploited and oppressed by your boss  


"My boss dilberted me yesterday by making me take the graveyard shift for tech support."

Trivia Contest
The 1st person who replies with the correct answer will win a new pair of KOSS earbuds.

Question: When the meteorite landed near the Ural mountains in Russia recently its path was recorded by what means many times over? Why are these recording devices there?

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