December 2014


December 2014

Dear Electronics Colleague:

My son and I joined lots of other "freaks" recently at the St Vincent concert in Chicago. It was hard to describe other than being a show not only for the the ears but also for the eyes and literary senses.


Well our first Kickstarter campaign launched last month and it did not get to our desired funding level-we will have to re-tool. We have learned a lot! (Now that I have experience in what this process looks like- if you have a product idea....we are always looking to help "productize" ideas) 

Finally, as we ring in the new year I would like to wish everyone a healthy, happy new year and Merry Christmas! 


Bob Wettermann

President, BEST Inc.

BGA X-Ray Work  


If you need to have production boards x-rayed but do not have an efficient means to do this, BEST can provide this service. Our AXI system can be programmed to review BGA, LGA, QFN and other components with non inspectable surfaces in order to confirm your assembly work. More info is here or call Laura at (847) 797-9250 for more details.

01005 Rework Technique! 

01005 Rework Using Solder Balls

01005 Rework Using Solder Balls

At the SMTAI trade show, we co-authored a paper demonstrating a variety of  01005 rework techniques. Take a look at the last of the featured techniques. This particular one was demonstrated to have the greatest promise as a standard method. See a synopsis of this paper coming soon in Circuits Assembly magazine!  

"How to Solder Kit"  

If you are teaching brand new soldering techs about the the basics of soldering then this is the kit for you. It features both throughhole and SMT parts, as well as a "real" PCB with ground plains that emulate real life soldering situations. No more of those cheap "pretend" boards that do not represent the real world for your tech's learning purposes! 

Buy some for your next soldering class or for your students here

Trivia Contest-December'14


Mike was the first to answer last month's trivia question regarding the feature of birds that tells researchers about how some ancient birds foraged. The answer was by their claws/feet.

The 1st person who replies to this months' trivia question with the correct answer will win a Circuit Scribe Basics Kit that allows you to draw and see how circuits work!


Question for December'14: 
QUESTION: He built a machine capable of calculations in the early 1800s and in some circles this Brit is credited with inventing the precursor to the computer. 


Proof: Rudoph is a Female!!

Rudolph's Gender Revealed!

Rudolph's Gender Revealed!

In this section of our newsletter we have been showing you ideas on how to engage others in STEM topics. This rampage on our part is being replaced in the XMas season by some information that will rock your world-Rudolph is a female reindeer!


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