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Dear Electronics Assembly Colleague:

We recently had the opportunity to try something unique. One afternoon recently we went to one of Chicago's private curling clubs we were learned how to curl. We learned "sweeping", "throwing the stone" and learned how to "throw for the button" . It was a unique experience and lots of fun was had by all the participants-try it sometime!.

Curling at Northbrook Curling Club

IPC APEX-Advanced Package Rework-Mier and Wettermann February 18th. The invite is here:

Apex 2013 Advanced Rework Invite

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Coming events where BEST teaching should be on your calendar include:

Wishing you a Merry Christmas!

Have a pleasant fall!
Bob Wettermann
President, BEST Inc.


Training and Certification Calendar Announced

BEST is pleased to announce its 1st half solder training and certification schedule for 2013. This calendar includes both IPC and other BEST classes trhough the end of June 2013. Training locations include Chicago, Minneapolis, Cleveland, and Huntsville.

The complete calendar can be found here.

Call Katy Radcliff to discuss your training needs or if you want to get the training on the books in 2012 for credit in 2013 at (847) 797-9250.

BGA Rework - Site Prep
BGA Rework - Site Prep

BGA Rework-Site Dressing

After removal of a BGA it is important to be able to properly dress the BGA site by removing the solder, cleaning and depending on the process, applying past flux or solder paste to the site. The above teaching session was from a recent webinar entitled "BGA Rework-A Primer".

NEW IPC-A-620 Spec Rev "B" Released
The IPC has released version "B" of the IPC-A-620 Requirements and Acceptance for Cable and Wire Harness Assemblies. Get your copyhere.


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X-RAY Inspection of BGAs
The recent BEST BGA symposium featured a variety of subject matter experts. See the cleaning under BGAs presentation from SME Mike Bixenmann here.
How fast can you solder a QFP?
Soldering Challenge
One of instructors completely solders a fine-pitched QFP in place. See what it means to have the right tools for the right job at the SolderingGeek channel.
Circuits Assembly Visits BEST and Pens Article
Thanks for the visit of Mike Buetow the Chief Editor for visiting BEST Inc and writing his findings. See the entire articlehere:.