April 2011 Vol. 2, Iss. 40


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My favorite part of APEX this year was riding the Lake Mead river mountain trail bike ride which features 35 miles of twists and turns and drops and climbs of 1,500 feet!

This months' newsletter announces a new web-based tool for generating part numbers for StencilQuik(TM) and EZReball(TM).

We invite you to see us at the following upcoming tabletop exhibits:
Monday May 9th Indianapolis
Thursday May 12th Huntsville 
Thursday May 19th Detroit 

At the Detroit show BEST will be discussing BGA and leadless device rework practices. See more here

It was great meeting 50+ engineers and techs at our APEX work shop!
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Bob Wettermann
President, BEST Inc.

BEST Launches New Web Tool for EZReball(TM) and StencilQuik(TM)

BEST recently launched a new web-based tool to make part number generation, costing and ordering simpler and faster.

After you input a few variables found on the data sheet, it outputs the correct part number and price,





BEST recently obtained the master site license for IPCA-620 training. Now we can certify and re-certify your trainers. BEST staff has been training operators for many years and combining this class with the practical "Wires and Terminals" class which complements the IPCA-620 with practical skills. Call BEST today at (847) 797-9250 to schedule your IPCA-620 CIT certification!  



Laser Gun Fired from Navy Ship

laser gun

A high-energy laser (HEL) fired from a US warship off the California coast has ignited a nearby boat. See video.   


Similar systems had previously been tested on land, however moist sea air presented an extra challenge as it reduces a beam's power.


The navy said that ship-borne lasers could eventually be used to protect vessels from small attack boats.


Early systems used large, chemical-based lasers which tended to produce dangerous waste gasses.


More recently, scientists have developed solid state lasers that combine large numbers of compact beam generators, similar to LEDs. The US Navy system uses a Joint High Power Solid State Laser mounted on deck.


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Part Number Generator for EX and SQ
IPCA620 Training
A different kind of laser
Metal Stencils
BGA Reballing Preforms
PCB Repair Kit
StikNPeel(TM) Rework Stencils Now 24 Hr Turn Time
frameless-smt-stencil 160x240

BEST has developed a new "StikNPeel" rework stencil which insures board to stencil coplanarity. It is flexible for tight space requirements and does not need to be cleaned. This makes for a more repeatable, faster rework process.


These stencils are available in either 4, 5 or 6 mil thickness.


COST: ONLY $80.00 for a package of (10) stencils.


Order here.

VOCAB- Word of the Month


"kuh-NOR-us; KAN-or-uhs" which is an adjective.

The vocabulary you use tells others your level of intellect.


Richly melodious, pleasant sounding, melodious 

"I felt a deep contentment listening to the meadowlark's complex melody as he sat on his bragging post calling for a mate, and the soft canorous  whistle of the bobwhite as he whistled his name with intermittent lulls. "