December 2019


December 2019
Dear Electronics Colleague -
As we wind down the year, we want to thank you-our customers-for the business we have done together in 2019. We have been fortunate to serve many with training services, rework/repair services as well as products in 2019.

The photo below "started" the holiday season in Chicago with the lighting of the city's Christmas tree. As we extinguish the lights on one year and head into the next, may you have a good time with family and friends.

All the BEST,

Dan Patten
2020 Training Calendar

BEST Inc has been teaching and certifying soldering technicians and instructors for over 20 years. Our 2020 class schedule can be found here.
Why choose BEST?
  • Large instructor staff including many different teaching styles and several different languages. 
  • Experienced instructors provide not only an explanation of the standard and spec, but how/why it was developed
  • Lots of training center choices including Chicago, Detroit, Cleveland, Minneapolis and Knoxville, TN.  
More information on BEST training options can be found here.  Call JL @ 224-387-3256. or contact him via e-mail at 
BEST Inc. StikNPeel(TM) Rework Stencil Simplifies Rework
Developed tens of thousands rework stencils ago, BEST's StikNPeel(TM) stencil simplifies the PCB rework process.
These stencils are custom made in a few days or less using 4, 5 and 6 mil thick repositionable,
adhesive-backed plastic film. Solder paste is squeegeed through the apertures and the stencil is lifted off the board resulting in a nice solder brick forming in the aperture locations.
Call Chris Edwards at 224-387-4302 or send a drawing to for more information or a quote.
Contract Soldering Services
BEST can be your outsourced soldering service provider. In these times where trained and skilled soldering technicians can be difficult to find, think of BEST as an extension of your manufacturing capability. We can add components, hand solder wires, and perform modifications.  If final testing is required, we can be that outsourced service provider in your time of need.
Call Laura Ripoli at 224-387-3255 if you have a specific application or send her an e-mail at

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